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  • Batteries

    Includes DeWalt DE9501 12 Volt 2.6Ah Ni-Mh Long Life Battery, Makita 10.8v 1.3ah Battery BL1013, DeWalt DE9503 18 Volt 2.6Ah Ni-MH Battery, DeWalt DE9094 Battery Pack 14.4 Volts Battery, DeWalt DC9071 XRP 12 Volt 2.4 Amp Hour NiCad Battery, DeWalt DE9061 9.6 Volt 2.0Ah NiCad Battery, DeWalt DE9280 28 Volt 2.2Ah Lithium Ion Battery, Black & Decker A12 Battery Pack 12 Volt, DeWalt DE9112 Car Charger For 7.2 Volt - 18 Volt Batteries, DeWalt DE0241 24 Volt 3.0Ah NiCad Battery
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  • Chargers

    Includes Black and Decker BDV080 Battery Charger (240 Only), DeWalt DE9130 7.2 Volt - 18 Volt Battery Charger to Suit NiCad & NiMh Batteries, DeWalt DE9135 7.2 Volt - 18 Volt Multi NiCad / NiMH / Lithium Ion Battery Charger, Bosch GML24V Professional Bosch Powerbox Radio/Charger, DeWalt DE9116 7.2 Volt - 18 Volt NiMH Charger (New Yellow Charger), Spit 328 Accessory - Battery Charger, Panasonic EY0110B Charger, Dewalt DC011 110v Radio / charger, DeWalt DE9000 36 Volt Battery Charger For Lithium Ion Batteries, In-car Charger for Pulsa 700P and 700E Nail Guns
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