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  • Lewis Industrial Scaffold Towers Key Quality Components

    Key quality components that make the Industrial LEWIS Scaffold Towers the best and safest on the market.

    Published on Wed 1st February 2017 by D Courtneyread on

  • Rainbow Sealants Colour Chart

    Please find below rainbow sealants colour chart.

    Published on Wed 30th November 2016 by D Courtneyread on

  • Lewis MiniScaff Trade Folding Towers

    9 key quality components that make our Mini Trade Folding Towers the best and safest on the market

    Published on Wed 12th October 2016 by D Courtneyread on

  • Milwaukee Transition from V28 to M28 Batteries

    Over the next several months, Milwaukee Electric Tool Corporation will transition all V28™ cordless power tools to the new M28™ LITHIUM-ION battery pack. While providing an improved battery pack with more advanced electronics, the new M28™ LITHIUM-ION system will be completely compatible with current V28™products, as the tools themselves will not change.

    Published on Tue 15th September 2015 by D Courtneyread on

  • Google Certified Shops

    We are now listed as a Google Certified Shop to ensure to our customers that we meet the highest of standards. This is constantly monitored and updated to make sure we do not slip in delivering the best service we can.

    Published on Thu 28th May 2015 by D Courtneyread on

  • PLS Pacific Laser Systems

    PLS are dedicated to designing career laser tools for a lifetime of increased productivity and profit. Fast, accurate and portable, PLS lasers save time and money when your bubble vial level or rotary laser is too limited or too cumbersome to do the job. When a rotary laser is required for long-midrange vertical and horizontal layout, then our PLS HR or HLE 1000 and PLS HVR 505 will tackle most projects. Compare the advantages of using a PLS laser to traditional methods you now employ.

    Published on Thu 28th August 2014 by D Courtneyread on

  • Sitebox Ltd Mobile Web App

    We can now offer all mobile users our web app that you should be redirected to if you screen size is less than 750px in width. This offers a much better user interactivity on smaller screens rather than having to tackle tiny buttons.

    Published on Tue 15th July 2014 by D Courtneyread on

  • Battery Bank Charging Locker

    Here we look at the ever growing popularity of the battery bank or what some people like to call charging locker. This item has been targeted for review due to its increasing reputation on site and in offices.

    Published on Mon 24th February 2014 by D Courtneyread on

  • European Consumers Award for Telestep's Smart Telescopic Ladder

    In the face of stiff competition, Telesteps's smart telescopic ladder has been honoured with the European Consumers Award. The award is based on a large number of private persons' everyday use of the products across Europe.

    Published on Fri 31st January 2014 by D Courtneyread on

  • Flex WSE500 Giraffe Drywall Sander

    The Flex WSE500 Drywall Sander (Flex code 381.306) is the long standing most popular drywall sander on the market. It has replaced the old Classic FLEX WS 702 VEA model and is known as the new 'Classic' drywall sander. It is commonly used on building sites throughout the UK and Europe and is widely popular due to the perfect spring suspension in the head which allows the sanding head itself to adjust to any unevenness. This helps with the sander making gentle contact with the wall or ceiling and also only allows minimal dust to escape, which is always an advantage on the Health and Safety Conscious sites of today.

    Published on Mon 16th September 2013 by J Dolanread on