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  • Site Roadside Safety Barriers

    If you are working on site, by a roadside or need an area cordoned off then your best solution will probably be a barrier system. There are many sizes, weights, colours suitable for a variety of different applications. Below is a list of our best selling barrier systems. If you need any advice or more information regarding them please just contact us and we can hopefully guide you in the right direction.

    Published on Fri 24th May 2013 by M Macdonaldread on

  • Correx Protective Sheeting

    Corrugated plastic protector board / sheets commonly known as Correx, Anitnox, Cordek or Fluted Polypropylene, is a widely distributed product to a variety of industries and used for a range of purposes.

    Published on Thu 23rd May 2013 by M Macdonaldread on

  • IP (Ingress Protection) Ratings

    The BS EN 60529:1992 standard outlines the system for dealing with any foreign bodies / entities intruding into any electrical equipment. This enables you to understand exactly what circumstances you can be in when using or buying the different types of electrical equipment.

    Published on Wed 22nd May 2013 by M Macdonaldread on

  • Gas Bottle Storage Information

    No more than five bottles should be allowed on display with total contents no more than 70kg. Bottles larger than 20kg should not be displayed in shops eg 47kg cylinders. If the shop is below residential premises then no more than 15kg should be stored/ displayed. No more than four bottles should be connected for demonstrating at any one time (total weight no more than 50kg).

    Published on Tue 9th April 2013 by M Macdonaldread on

  • Podium Steps

    It is the biggest cause of workplace deaths in the country and needs to be addressed by every employer and self-employed person that works or employs people that work at heights. In 2005 a 'Work at Height Regulation' was brought out to give people a guide to adhere to when working from a height that is high enough to cause an injury if fallen from. It was required to reduce the number of injuries and fatalities from being extremely high to being extinct.

    Published on Wed 20th February 2013 by M Macdonaldread on

  • Pasma Training

    The Work at Height Regulations require that the erection, dismantle, and alteration of mobile access towers should be carried out by a competent person. PASMA training is the most widely recognised form of tower training and on successful completion of a PASMA training course each delegate will be competent as required, with a card and certificate as proof.

    Published on Wed 13th February 2013 by M Macdonaldread on