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Corded Power Tools

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  • Corded Drills

    Corded Drills
    Includes Corded Angle Drills, Corded Diamond Core Drills, Corded Hammer Drills, Corded Impact Drills, Corded Percussion Drills, Corded Pillar Drills and Corded Rotary Drills.
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  • Corded Drivers

    Corded Drivers
    Includes Corded Drill Drivers, Corded Impact Drivers and Corded Screwdrivers.
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  • Corded Grinders

    Corded Grinders
    Includes Corded Angle Grinders, Corded Bench Grinders, Corded Die Grinders, Corded Straight Grinder and Corded Wet Stone Grinders.
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  • Corded Mixers & Stirrers

    Corded Mixers & Stirrers
    Includes Flex R500FR Single Gear Mixer - 1010 Watts (110/240 Volt), Ryobi PMT 1361 Drill Mixer / Stirrer (240 Volt Only), Ryobi PMT 1362 Drill Mixer / Stirrer (110/240 Volt), Fox F7820 1,010 Watt Power Mixer (240 Volt Only), Fox F7840 1,600 Watt Power Mixer with Timer (240 Volt Only), Makita UT2204 Stirrer/Mixer (240 Volt Only), Flex R 502 FR Universal 2 Gear Mixer - 1,010 Watts (110/240 Volt), Flex R 600 VV Heavy Duty Mixer with Speed Pre-Selection (240 Volt Only), Flex RZ600VV Double Positive Mixer (240 Volt Only) and Flex R 600 VV Heavy Duty Mixer with Speed Pre-Selection (110 Volt Only).
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  • Corded Sanders

    Corded Sanders
    Includes Corded Angle Sanders, Corded Belt Sanders, Corded Corner & Detail Sanders, Corded Drywall Sanders, Corded Finishing Sanders, Corded Orbital Sanders and Corded Palm Sanders.
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  • Corded Saws

    Corded Saws
    Includes Corded Bandsaws, Corded Chop Saws, Corded Circular Saws, Corded Jigsaws, Corded Mitre Saws, Corded Reciprocating Saws, Corded Table Saws and Corded Tile Saws.
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