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Help !

Our search facility is extremely easy to use and is controlled using the search box at the top of site.

Here you can use any keywords that are relevant to the product or products that you are searching for and once submitted will hopefully display the most relevant results to you.

If you find that the search is returning too many results then you have the opportunity to refine the search either by the manufacturer or sort the search by name or price. In some cases if there are sufficient results you may also be able to refine your search by category as well.

If you find that the search is returning too few results then you either need to reduce the amount of keywords that you are using, try alternative keywords or try using the category listings within the top strip near the top of the site.

If you are still having problems finding the product or products that you are looking for then you can always contact us and we will be happy to try and help you locate it. If the product is not on the site then we can generally source it for you anyway so it is worth an e-mail or call.

Lastly we have now introduced a predictive search box that will display products directly under the search box after 3 or more characters are entered. This will hopefully save time when searching.