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Engineering Tools

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  • Calipers

    Includes Clarke CHT658 Brake Caliper Wind Back Tool Set, ODD LEG CALIPERS 150MM PCKD, EXPERT 6 inch INSIDE SPRINGCALIPER, EXPERT 6 inch O/SIDE SPRING CALIPER, CM100 Vernier Caliper, CM110 Vernier Caliper, CM120 Vernier Caliper, CM130 Locking Vernier Caliper, CM145 Digital Vernier Caliper and CM150 Dial Caliper.
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  • Files

    Includes Quality Flat Engineers Files, Quality Half Round Engineers Files, Quality Round Engineers Files, Plastic File Handle to Suit 8 inch - 10 inch / 200mm - 250mm files, Plastic File Handle to Suit 12 inch - 14 inch / 300mm - 450mm files, Thread Restoring File Set 3pc, Engineer's File Set 3pc, Engineers File Set 5pc, Needle File Set 10pc and Diamond Needle File Set 10pc.
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  • Hydraulic Presses

    Hydraulic Presses
    Clarke CSA10BB 10 Tonne Hydraulic Bench Press
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  • Taps & Dies

    Taps & Dies
    Includes Tool Tray with Tap & Die Set 33pc, CHT203 16-Pce Tap & Die Set, CHT301 19-Pce Tap & Die Set, CHT302 24-Pce Tap & Die Set, CHT303 28-Pce Tap & Die Set, CHT304 33-Pce Tap & Die Set and CHT527 32-Pce HSS Tap & Die Set.
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Quality Flat Engineers FilesQuality Flat Engineers Files
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Clarke CHT128 11-Pce Metal File SetClarke CHT128 11-Pce Metal File Set
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£13.81 (inc VAT)
Quality Half Round Engineers FilesQuality Half Round Engineers Files
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Quality Round Engineers FilesQuality Round Engineers Files
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