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Baton Padlock

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  • Shackle Padlocks

    Shackle Padlocks
    Includes Baton Brass Padlock 50mm x 8.5mm Shackle, Baton Brass Padlock 63mm x 6.3mm Shackle, Baton Long Shackle Brass Padlock 50mm x 6.25mm Shackle, Baton Armoured Block Lock 90mm x 12.5mm Shackle, Baton Brass Padlock 38mm x 6.3mm Shackle, Pair of Baton 50mm Brass Padlocks 7.2mm Shackle (Keyed Alike), Baton Armoured Block Lock 60mm x 10.5mm Shackle, Baton Armoured Block Lock 80mm x 12.5mm Shackle, Pair of Baton 40mm Brass Padlocks 6.3mm Shackle (Keyed Alike), Baton Long Shackle 6020-45 Series High Security Padlocks, 45mm x 50mm Shackle (6 per Box), Baton 6020-40 Series High Security Padlocks, 40mm x 28mm Shackle (6 per Box), Baton 6020-30 Series High Security Padlocks, 30mm x 20mm Shackle (12 per Box), Baton 6020-55 Series High Security Padlocks, 55mm x 28mm Shackle (6 per Box), Baton2 Brass 50mm x 8.5mm Shackle Padlock (keyed alike) Each
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