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Sealey Tools

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  • Air Power Tools

    Air Power Tools
    Sealey AK5518 Impact Extension Bar 250mm 1 inch Sq Drive, Sealey SA619 Air Drill 6mm Reversible Mini Composite Premier, Sealey IS1222 Impact Socket 22mm 1/2 inch Sq Drive, Sealey SA106F Air Filter Max Airflow 53cfm, Sealey AK718 Impact Stud Extractor 6-12mm 1/2 inch Sq Drive, Sealey SA95 Air Adhesive Stripe Removing Tool Premier, Sealey MAT150AS Air Sander Random Orbital Dust-Free Ø150mm, Sealey AH20R Air Hose 20mtr x Ø8mm with 1/4 inch BSP Unions Extra Heavy-Duty, Sealey SA651/C Tyre Buffing Cone & Arbor, Sealey AK5404 Impact Adaptor 3/4 inch Sq Drive Female - 1 inch Sq Drive Male
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  • Bodyshop

    Sealey CB707 Panel Beating Set 7pc Drop-Forged Fibreglass Shafts, Sealey DZRE92/C Straightener Kit 10tonne Variable Upright with Hydraulics, Sealey WS680 Wheel Skate Hydraulic 680kg Capacity, Sealey ILF/RG On-Gun Regulator with Gauge, Sealey MK66 Masking Paper Dispenser 2 x 450mm Rolls, Sealey SSG1/G Spray Gun Top Coat Gravity Feed 1.4mm Set-Up, Sealey AK3801 Caulking Gun for Sausage Packs & Cartridges 250mm, Sealey AK3901 Caulking Gun Skeleton Type Manual 260mm, Sealey AK99/6 Aluminium Rivets 3.2 x 10.2mm Pack of 2000, Sealey AK5221 Scraper Rigid 50mm
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  • Compressors

    Sealey SAC42755BLN Compressor 270ltr Belt Drive 5.5hp 3ph 2-Stage with Cast Cylinders Low Noise, Sealey SAC2103B Compressor 100ltr Belt Drive 3hp with Cast Cylinders & Wheels, Sealey SAC0502B Compressor 50ltr Belt Drive 2hp with Cast Cylinders & Wheels, Sealey SAC1153B Compressor 150ltr Belt Drive 3hp with Cast Cylinders, Sealey SAC1903B Compressor 90ltr Vertical Belt Drive 3hp, Sealey SAC05020 Compressor 50ltr Belt Drive 2hp Oil Free, Sealey SAC00615 Compressor 6ltr Belt Drive 1.5hp Oil Free, Sealey SSC12710 Screw Compressor 270ltr 10hp 3ph Low Noise, Sealey SAC02415 Compressor 25ltr Belt Drive 1.5hp Oil Free, Sealey SAC72775BLN Compressor 270ltr Belt Drive 7.5hp 3ph 2-Stage with Cast Cylinders Low Noise
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  • Construction & Craft

    Construction & Craft
    Sealey AK994 Autolock Measuring Tape 5mtr(16ft) x 19mm Metric/Imperial, Sealey AK2944 Butane Heating/Soldering Torch Pen Style, Sealey CT610 Cable Tacker 4-8mm Round 2.5-6.3mm Flat, Sealey AK6122/10 Screwdriver Phillips #2 x 100mm VDE/TUV/GS Approved GripMAX®, Sealey SD100/CT Tip Curved for SD100, Sealey DRK01 Drain Rod Kit 9mtr, Sealey AK83512 Long Nose Pliers 160mm VDE Approved, Sealey HKE9 Hole-Saw Kit Electrician's 9pc, Sealey AK83452 Pliers Set 3pc VDE Approved, Sealey BHS60 Bi-Metal Hole-Saw 60mm
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  • Electric Power Tools

    Electric Power Tools
    Sealey E540 Multi-Purpose Rotary Tool & Engraver Kit 40pc 230V, Sealey CP1801VEU Cordless Hammer Drill/Driver 18V 1hr Charge with 2 Batteries & Schuko Plug, Sealey CP3002BP Cordless Power Tool Battery 19.2V for CP3004, Sealey DAS151 Random Orbital Sander Variable Speed Dust-Free 150mm 750W/230V, Sealey HS102 Hot Air Gun 2000W 3-Speed 50-600°C Variable Heat, Sealey S0530 Angle Grinder 115mm 600W/230V, Sealey CP1920 Cordless Impact Wrench 19.2V 1/2 inch Sq Drive 200lb.ft, Sealey HS107K.27 Wide Scraper, Sealey AK292/2 All Purpose Glue Sticks Pack of 25, Sealey CP72S Cordless Screwdriver Set 50pc 7.2V Lithium-ion
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  • Environmental & Janitorial

    Environmental & Janitorial
    Sealey GL15 Lawn Edger Carbon Steel, Sealey AB7081 Space Warmer® Paraffin, Kerosene & Diesel Heater 70,000Btu/hr with Wheels, Sealey FSL5 Fibreglass Step Ladder 4-Tread EN 131, Sealey WS4 Warehouse Steps 4-Tread, Sealey AXL10 Aluminium Step Ladder 10-Tread Industrial BS 2037/1, Sealey GL51 Border Spade Carbon Steel, Sealey APS3 Aluminium Folding Platform 3-Tread, Sealey VEN250 Portable Ventilator Ø250mm with 5mtr Ducting, Sealey SPB27W Broadcast Spreader 27kg Walk Behind Lightweight, Sealey BM22FSP Foam Floor Squeegee 22 inch (560mm) with Aluminium Handle
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  • Garage & Workshop

    Garage & Workshop
    Sealey YK10ECF Hydraulic Press 10tonne Economy Floor Type, Sealey E/START500 ElectroStart Digital Starter/Charger, Tester 400Amp 6/12/24V 230V, Sealey START560 Starter/Charger 560/90Amp 12/24V 230V, Sealey TECSTART420 Electronic Starter/Charger 300Amp 12V/24V 230V, Sealey SUPERSTART420 Starter/Charger 400/65Amp 12/24V 230V, Sealey AUTOCHARGE5 Battery Charger Electronic 5Amp 12V 230V, Sealey C/TRONIC12 Battery Charger Electronic 6Amp 12V 230V, Sealey YKSG30 Safety Guard for YK30F, YK30FAH, YK30FFP, Sealey SM22 Parts Cleaning Tank Air Operated, Sealey PWRSTART4400 PowerStart Power Pack 12/24V 4400 Peak Amps
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  • Jacking, Lifting & Towing

    Jacking, Lifting & Towing
    Sealey ECS500 Engine Chain Sling 500kg, Sealey 2500LE Trolley Jack 2.5tonne Low Entry, Sealey LS5002 Load Sling 5tonne Capacity 2mtr, Sealey AJ2250 Air Operated Trolley Jack 2.25tonne, Sealey RB95B/04 Beacon Bracket Ø24mm 3 x Bolt Fixing for RB953, RB955, Sealey WC04 Heavy-Duty Steel Wheel Chocks - Pair, Sealey WC03 Rubber Wheel Chock 4.3kg/Single, Sealey 18HM Bottle Jack 8tonne, Sealey TD2214 Ratchet Tie Down 1pc 75mm x 9mtr Polyester Webbing 10000kg Load Test, Sealey ADT5 Adjustable Gearbox Support 1000kg Capacity for 1000TR, 1000TRQ, 1250TR
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  • Lighting & Power

    Lighting & Power
    Sealey PI500 500W Power Inverter 12V DC - 230V 50Hz, Sealey AK435 Rechargeable Spotlight 1,000,000 Candlepower, Sealey TR05/1.5/230 Trailing 13Amp/16Amp Socket & Cable Set, Sealey LED020 Aluminium CREE LED Torch 3W 3 x AAA Cell, Sealey BCR25 Cable Reel 25mtr 2 x 230V, Sealey TR24012/7 Low Voltage Lighting Transformer Plug Type 1 x 25W/12V, Sealey PL13/320S Resilient Plug 13Amp Heavy-Duty, Sealey ML144F.B Fluorescent Tube 36W/230V, Sealey BCR253T Cable Reel 25mtr 3 Core 230V Thermal Trip, Sealey ML1000D/110V Telescopic Tungsten/Halogen Floodlight 2 x 400W/110V C-Class
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  • Lubrication

    Sealey TP66/ACC Extension Tube for TP66, Sealey TP89 Self-Priming Piston Pump, Sealey DRP03 Oil/Fluid Drain Pan 17ltr, Sealey CPG18VBP Cordless Power Tool Battery 18V for CPG18V, Sealey FM20 Funnel Metal with Filter 200mm, Sealey TP97230 Diesel & Fluid Transfer Pump Portable 230V, Sealey TP9824 Diesel & Fluid Transfer Pump 24V High Volume, Sealey JC5MR Jerry Can 5ltr - Red, Sealey SOLV/SFA Adaptor 2 inch BSP fits SOLV/SF to 205ltr & 48G Drums, Sealey TP122 Drum Wrench
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  • Machine Shop

    Machine Shop
    Sealey AK9643 Steel Rule 1000mm/40 inch , Sealey DPG230 Drill Press Guard 75mm, Sealey SM35/B24 Blade 2362 x 19 x 0.81mm 24tpi, Sealey AK6004 G-Clamp 100mm, Sealey SM354B24 Blade 2110 x 20 x 0.8mm 24tpi, Sealey SM27ST Floor Stand for SM27, Sealey SQAV150 Vice 150mm Quick Action All Steel, Sealey BG150XW/99 Bench Grinder 150mm with Wire Wheel 450W/230V Heavy-Duty, Sealey PDM125B Pillar Drill Bench 16-Speed 1050mm Height 230V, Sealey AK7228 HSS Screw & Drill Bit Extractor Set 5pc
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  • Material Handling

    Material Handling
    Sealey CST998 Sack Truck Pneumatic Tyres 300kg Capacity, Sealey CST997 Platform Truck with Sides Pneumatic Tyres 200kg Capacity, Sealey CB500 Chain Block 0.5tonne 2.5mtr, Sealey CST999 Sack Truck Pneumatic Tyres 300kg Capacity, Sealey PT1000 Trolley Plain 1tonne, Sealey DH02 Mobile Drum Handler 205ltr, Sealey TP205 Drum Dolly 205ltr, Sealey PH400 Power Hoist 230V/1ph 400kg Capacity, Sealey PB1000 Pulley Block 1000kg Capacity, Sealey ST33 Sack Truck Folding Aluminium 80kg Capacity
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  • Motorcycle Tools & Equipment

    Motorcycle Tools & Equipment
    Sealey RPS1BS Bobbin Supports for RPS1, Sealey FPS2 Adjustable Front Wheel Stand, Sealey MS048 Motorcycle Shock Bushing Driver Set 4pc, Sealey MS029 Motorcycle Portable Fuel Tank 1ltr, Sealey VS1815 Steering Bearing Press - Motorcycle, Sealey MS036 Motorcycle Locking Pulley Holder, Sealey VS1812 Universal Motorcycle Pulley Holder, Sealey MS037 Spoke Wrench, Sealey VS1806 Motorcycle Brake Piston Removal Pliers, Sealey MS030 Motorcycle Wheel Roller Stand
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  • Power Tool Accessories

    Power Tool Accessories
    Sealey PTC/CH/M14-Y Buffing & Polishing Foam Head 150 x 50mm M14 Yellow/Coarse, Sealey CBC75 Brassed Steel Cup Brush 75mm M10 x 1.5mm, Sealey TKCB651 Twist Knot Cup Brush 65mm M14 x 2mm, Sealey PTC/BP3/NUT Pad Nut for PTC/BP3 Backing Pad M10 x 1.25mm, Sealey PTC/LN/5/8 Pad Nut for 170mm Backing Pad 5/8 inch Thread, Sealey CBC125 Brassed Steel Cup Brush 125mm M14 x 2mm, Sealey PTCCHV79R Buffing & Polishing Foam Head Hook & Loop 80 x 25mm Red/Ultra Soft, Sealey SNA9821 Drill Nibbler Attachment, Sealey PTC/CH/M14-B Buffing & Polishing Foam Head 150 x 50mm M14 Blue/Medium, Sealey PTC/100CT Cutting Disc Ø100 x 1.6mm 16mm Bore
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  • Premier Hand Tools

    Premier Hand Tools
    Sealey S12SP14 Spark Plug Socket 21mm 1/2 inch Sq Drive, Sealey AK628 Micrometer Torque Wrench 3/4 inch Sq Drive Calibrated, Sealey AK2320 Flexible Magnetic Work Mat, Sealey S1411D WallDrive® Socket 11mm Deep 1/4 inch Sq Drive, Sealey VS0653 Hose Clip Nut Driver Locking 7mm Length 490mm, Sealey AK9310 Hex Socket Bit Set 8pc 1/2 inch Sq Drive Metric, Sealey AK6391014 Combination Ratchet Spanner Extra-Long 14mm, Sealey AK111 Power Tool Bit Set 32pc 50mm, Sealey AK8516 Side Cutters 160mm, Sealey AK1217 Socket Retaining Rail with 17 Clips 1/2 inch Sq Drive
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  • Safety Products

    Safety Products
    Sealey MG800M Mechanic's Gloves Padded Synthetic Palm - Medium, Sealey SSP33 Anti-Slip Handling Gloves Pair, Sealey MG802M Mechanic's Gloves Anti-Collision - Medium, Sealey EWS01 Eye Wash Station, Sealey S0882 Welding Helmet Solar Powered Variable Shade 9-13, Sealey SSP/LWA Leather Welding Apron, Sealey SSP24 Premium Silicon Free Powdered Disposable Latex Gloves Pack of 100, Sealey SDPE01 1kg Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher, Sealey SSP11/1R Visor Clear for SSP11, Sealey MG800L Mechanic's Gloves Padded Synthetic Palm - Large
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  • Siegen Tools

    Siegen Tools
    Sealey S0709 Socket & Bit Set 81pc, Sealey S0767 Flare Nut Spanner Set 6pc Metric, Sealey S0811 Long Nose Pliers Comfort Grip 150mm, Sealey S0658 WallDrive® Socket 21mm 1/2 inch Sq Drive, Sealey S0734 Combination Spanner 34mm, Sealey S0683 WallDrive® Socket 32mm Deep 1/2 inch Sq Drive, Sealey S0604 Ratchet Crimping Tool Insulated Terminals, Sealey S0750 Combination Spanner 50mm, Sealey S0582 WallDrive® Socket 15mm 3/8 inch Sq Drive, Sealey S0914 Socket Set 35pc 1/2 inch Sq Drive 6pt WallDrive® Metric
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  • Storage & Workstations

    Storage & Workstations
    Sealey TTS8 Hook Kit Pack of 60, Sealey API1103A Industrial Mobile Workstation 5 Drawer & 1 Shelf Locker, Sealey AP24ACC4 Waste Bin for AP24 Series Tool Chests, Sealey SCB4 Key Lock Cash Box 300 x 240 x 90mm, Sealey SCB1 Key Lock Cash Box 152 x 115 x 80mm, Sealey TPS224B Plastic Storage Bin 105 x 165 x 83mm - Blue Pack of 24, Sealey AP33339B Add-On Chest 3 Drawer with Ball Bearing Runners - Black, Sealey SB1200 Steel Storage Chest 1200 x 450 x 360mm, Sealey AP33059COMBO Topchest 5 Drawer with Ball Bearing Runners - Red & 137pc Tool Kit, Sealey TTS12 Spring Clip 19mm Pack of 5
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  • Vehicle Service Tools

    Vehicle Service Tools
    Sealey AK6416 Oil Filter Band Wrench 89-98mm Capacity, Sealey VSE5034 Petrol Engine Camshaft Sprocket Locking Device - Renault 1.8, 2.0 Belt Drive, Sealey VS1803 Flat Top Decarbonising Brush 24mm, Sealey WK0321 Urethane Knife 450mm, Sealey MM19 Digital Multimeter 7 Function, Sealey PS988 Bearing Separator Ø75-105mm, Sealey AK711 Disc Brake Piston Spreader Tool, Sealey VS1213 Petrol Engine Setting/Locking Kit - Citroen, Peugeot, Renault 3.0 V6 - Belt Drive, Sealey VS4995 Petrol Engine Setting/Locking Tool Kit - Vauxhall/Opel 1.6, 1.8 Twinport - Belt Drive, Sealey TRM14 Thread Repair Kit M14 x 1.25mm
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  • Welding & Cutting

    Welding & Cutting
    Sealey 120/722415 Contact Tip 0.6mm Single, Sealey 120/690051 Electrode Angled 70 x 100mm, Sealey SUPERMIG150 Professional MIG Welder 150Amp 230V, Sealey SGA4/RFA Flash Back Arrestor Auto Resetting Acetylene, Sealey MIG/7K06 Mild Steel MIG Wire 0.7kg 0.6mm A18 Grade, Sealey POWERMIG2750 Professional MIG Welder 275Amp 400/440V with Euro Torch, Sealey PS/0002 Stud Welding Nails 2.5 x 50mm Pack of 100, Sealey CO2/100 Gas Cylinder Disposable Carbon Dioxide 390grm, Sealey 120/722685 Conical Nozzle TB25/36 Single, Sealey PS/0012 Stud Welding Self-Thread Rivet 5 x 12mm Pack of 100
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