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  • Block Splitters

    Block Splitters
    Includes Fairport FBS65 Hydraulic Block and Slab Splitter - Code FP92398
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  • Cement Mixers

    Cement Mixers
    Includes Fairport Mixzr Cement Mixer – Electric 230v or 115v, Fairport Petrol Mixer Petrol
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  • Miscellaneous Saw Blades

    Miscellaneous Saw Blades
    Includes Fairport 350DPUC Multi purpose blade for FP94340
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  • Pokers

    Includes Fairport High Frequency Standard Vibrating Pokers, Fairport Pneumatic / Air Concrete Pokers, Fairport Standard Concrete Vibrating Pokers, Fairport Poker and Pump Flexible Drive Motors, Fairport Petrol Back Pack Concrete Poker - Code FP94321, Fairport FP-HF LED Hi-Frequency Poker
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  • Portable Generators

    Portable Generators
    Includes Fairport FP13/30 Power pack petrol Honda GX390 - 94017
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  • Power Screeds

    Power Screeds
    Includes Extra Fairport Tube Rollers for Concrete Slab Laying Roller - FP94471, Fairport Hand Tamper for levelling concrete, Fairport Double Beam Super Concrete Screeder - Honda GX160 Petrol Engine Super Power Pack - Code FP92240, Fairport FS Single Beam Screeder Honda GX35 - Code FP94360, Fairport Roller Striker for Concrete Slab Laying - Code FP94471
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  • Power Trowels

    Power Trowels
    Includes Fairport Blades & Floats for Power Trowels, Fairport 24″ Concreting Power Float Trowel - Code PMT24, Fairport 36″ and 46″ Power Trowels for Finishing Concrete - Code PMT36 / PMT46
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  • Submersible Pumps

    Submersible Pumps
    Includes Fairport 2 inch FSP Driven Submersible Pump 110v without Float - Code 95417, Fairport 2 inch FSP Driven Submersible Pump 230v without Float - Code 95419, Fairport 2 inch FSP Driven Submersible Pump 110v c/w Float - Code 95416, Fairport 2 inch FSP Driven Submersible Pump 230v c/w Float - Code 95418, Fairport TFE 50/75 Flexible Shaft Driven Submersible Pumps, Fairport VH500 2 inch Hydraulic Driven Submersible Pump with Sieve - Code FP94140, Fairport SPA450 1 inch Electric Residue Puddle Pump 110v/240v - Code FP93456
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  • Trench Rammers

    Trench Rammers
    Includes Fairport FPR60H Petrol Engine Trench Rammer - Code FP94335
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  • Wacker Plates & Compactors

    Wacker Plates & Compactors
    Includes Fairport FPR Reversible Plate Compactor - Code FP94331, Fairport FPC Low HAV Plate Compactor - Code FP93132, Fairport FPR Large reversible Plate Compactor - Code FP94385, Fairport PP46 Standard Plate Compactor - Code FP93002, Fairport Versatile FPCL Plate Compactor - Code FP94252, Fairport Small Lighter Weight FPL Plate Compactor - Code FP94217, Fairport PP33 Plate Compactor Honda GX120 320mm Engine - Code FP93075
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Fairport Warranty

The normal warranty on Fairport equipment is 1 year from delivery to customer and 3 years for the Honda engines fitted. Should a machine failure occur it is expected that the customer will complete a warranty claim form which will be assessed by Fairport. Assessment will establish if the failure has been a result of premature mechanical failure, normal wear and tear or machine abuse. Once approved, the machine can be repaired under warranty by either a Fairport Distributor or by the Fairport factory. See here for more information

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