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  • Block Splitters

    Block Splitters
    Includes Belle MiniPave Compact Block Splitter, Belle MaxiPave Heavy Duty Block Splitter
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  • Building Profiles

    Building Profiles
    Mustang DQ17 Intermediate Building Profile 6' (single), Mustang DQ23 Gauge Tape, Mustang DQ21 Block Builder (pair), Mustang DQ16 Internal Building Corner Profiles 6' (pair), Mustang DQ22 Building Window Profiles (X-Frames), Mustang DQ26 Building Door Profiles (X-Frames), Mustang DQ15 External Building Corner Profiles 6' (pair)
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  • Canteen Equipment

    Canteen Equipment
    Includes Electric Tea Urn with Temperature Control 20 Litre/4 Gallons (240 Volt Only), Polystyrene Cups 10floz (PER 1000) ? CE3 PC10, Electric Tea Urn with Temperature Control. 30 Litre/6 Gallons (240 Volt Only), 1.7 Litre Automatic Plastic Jug Kettle (240 Volt Only), Microwave Oven (240 Volt Only), Fridge (240 Volt Only), Toaster (240 Volt Only), 2kW Fan Heater (240 Volt Only), 2kW Convection Heater (240 Volt Only) and Moving Steady.
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  • Constructor Tools

    Constructor Tools
    3 Way Combination Ladder, Deb Swarfega Hand Cleanser, Junior Hacksaw Blades, Plastic Bin Liners On a Roll (10 per roll), Constructor Toilet Descaler, Tool@rrest Tethered Stripping Pliers, Flat Bed Trolley, Premium Short Sleeve Oxford Shirt, Danger Demolition Work In Progress Sign, Industrial Lipped Bucket
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  • Mattocks & Picks

    Mattocks & Picks
    Includes 7lb / 3.18kg Chisel and Point Pick - Head Only, 7lb / 3.18kg Clay / Cross Chisel Mattock - Head Only, 5lb / 2.27kg Grubbing Mattock - Head Only, Pick / Mattock Handles 36 inch x 3'/ 900mm x 75mm, 2.27KG MATTOCK HEAD, 900MM 78MM X 54MM EYE HARDWOOD PICK AXE OR MATTOCK SHAFT and 915MM 78 X 54MM HICKORY PICKAXE OR MATTOCK SHAFT.
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  • Padlock Bars

    Padlock Bars
    Includes Heavy Duty, ERA Horizontal Locking Bar, Heavy Duty, ERA Narrow Stile Locking Bar, Medium Duty Hasp & Staple Padlock Protector, Medium Duty Hasp & Staple, Light Duty Hasp & Staple, Van Vault Door Guard and Van Vault Lockit.
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  • Roofing & Tar Boilers

    Roofing & Tar Boilers
    Includes Roofline 10 Gallon Tar Boiler ~ Complete Kit, RoofLine 5 Gallon Tar Boiler, RoofLine 10 Gallon Tar Boiler, RoofLine 15 Gallon Tar Boiler, RoofLine 25 Gallon Tar Boiler, RoofLine 10 Gallon Tar Boiler with Tap, RoofLine 15 Gallon Tar Boiler with Tap, RoofLine 25 Gallon Tar Boiler with Tap, RoofLine Long Handled Ladle and RoofLine Galvanised Steel Bucket.
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