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  • Accessories

    Includes Scruffs Adjustable Clip Belt Black, Scruffs Flexible Knee Pads, Scruffs Trade Rucksack, Scruffs Work Cap, Scruffs Flat Black Laces(PACK OF 3), Scruffs Black/Orange Laces(PACK OF 3), Scruffs LED Beanie, Scruffs Peaked Beanie Hat Graphite, Scruffs Light Tan Round Laces(PACK OF 3), Scruffs Fleece Neck Warmer, Scruffs Bump Cap, Scruffs Winter Accessories Box, Scruffs Activity Tracker Work Watch POS, Scruffs Activity Tracker Watch, Scruffs Round Black Laces(PACK OF 3), Scruffs Navy Flat Laces(PACK OF 3), Scruffs Yellow/Brown Laces(PACK OF 3)
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  • Baselayer

    Includes Scruffs Worker Polo Black, Scruffs Active Roll Neck Base Layer, Scruffs Base Layer Bottoms, Scruffs Worker Polo Graphite, Scruffs Worker Polo Green, Scruffs Worker Polo Grey, Scruffs Worker Polo Navy, Scruffs Worker Polo White, Scruffs Base Layer Top
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  • Eye Protection

    Eye Protection
    Includes Scruffs Falcon Safety Orange and Grey Specs, Scruffs Eagle Safety Specs Black Smoke Lens, Scruffs Hawk Safety Specs, Scruffs Falcon Safety Black Specs, Scruffs Safety Glasses POS
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  • Footwear

    Includes Scruffs Speedwork Boot, Scruffs Assault Brown Hiker, Scruffs Gravity Rigger Tan, Scruffs Norton, Scruffs Rapid Boot, Scruffs Assault Black, Scruffs Twister Boot Nu Buck, Scruffs Trent Safety Trainer, Scruffs Switchback Tan, Scruffs Halo 2 Navy, Scruffs Mistral Navy Boot, Scruffs Switchback Brown, Scruffs Oxide Boot, Scruffs Grip GTX Tan, Scruffs Gravity Rigger Black, Scruffs Victory Boot, Scruffs Sport Twister Boot, Scruffs Footwear Cleaner Pack of 6, Scruffs Footwear Proofer(pack of 6), Scruffs G10 Insoles, Scruffs Grip GTX Black, Scruffs Soar Hiker Boots, Scruffs Cheviot S3 Safety Boots, Scruffs Twister Boot Black, Scruffs Sharpe Safety Boots, Scruffs Hatton Boot, Scruffs Switchback Black
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  • Gloves

    Includes Scruffs Utility Latex Coated Glove Black, Scruffs Max Performance Fingerless Gloves Black, Scruffs Max Performance Precision Gloves Black, Scruffs Leather Trim Glove Black, Scruffs Silicone Coated Glove Black, Scruffs Max Performance Full Finger Gloves Black, Scruffs Shock Impact Glove Black, Scruffs Worker Gloves 5 Pack
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  • Jackets

    Includes Scruffs Executive Jacket Black, Scruffs Pro Softshell Jacket Black, Scruffs Pro Active Zip Polo Blue, Scruffs Expedition Double Zip Jacket, Scruffs Pro Jacket Black, Scruffs Vintage OTH Sherpa Jacket Blue, Scruffs Expedition Thermo Hooded Jacket Graphite, Scruffs Trade Tech Softshell Jacket Charcoal, Scruffs Pro Softshell Jacket Charcoal, Scruffs Worker Jacket, Scruffs Expedition Tech Jacket Black
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  • Jackets & Fleeces

    Jackets & Fleeces
    Includes Scruffs Classic Tech Softshell Jacket Black/Grey XXL Only - T51528, Scruffs Expedition Thermo Hooded Gilet Blue, Scruffs Expedition Thermo Hooded Gilet Black, Scruffs Classic Gilet Navy
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  • Shorts

    Includes Scruffs Black Trade Shorts, Scruffs Navy Cargo Short, Scruffs Worker Lite Shorts, Scruffs Blue Trade Short, Scruffs Charcoal Cargo Short, Scruffs Slate Trade Shorts
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  • Socks

    Includes Scruffs Worker Socks 3 Pack, Scruffs Thermal Socks, Scruffs Trade Socks 3 Pack, Scruffs Pro Socks
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  • Softshell

    Includes Scruffs Expedition Thermo Softshell
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  • T-Shirts & Hoodies

    T-Shirts & Hoodies
    Includes Scruffs Trade Hoodie Black, Scruffs Trade Active Polo Graphite, Scruffs Vintage 03 Navy T-Shirt, Scruffs Vintage Zip Thru Fleece Charcoal, Scruffs Vintage Goods Navy Hoodie, Scruffs Active Poly T-Shirt, Scruffs Worker Fleece Graphite, Scruffs Vintage 03 Maroon T-Shirt, Scruffs Vintage Beanie Hat Orange/Black, Scruffs Vintage Bobble Hat Black and Red, Scruffs Vintage Bobble Hat Navy, Scruffs Worker Fleece Black, Scruffs Sunrise T-Shirt, Scruffs Trade Active Polo Black, Scruffs Peaked Knitted Hat Black, Scruffs Knitted Thinsulate Hat Black, Scruffs Trade Sweatshirt Grey Marl, Scruffs Vintage Beanie Hat Graphite, Scruffs Authentic Royal Blue T-Shirt, Scruffs Worker Hoodie, Scruffs Vintage Zip Thru Fleece Navy, Scruffs Active Hoodie
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  • Trousers

    Includes Scruffs Worker Plus Trouser Black, Scruffs Floor Layer Trouser, Scruffs Worker Trouser Black, Scruffs Trade Blue Denim, Scruffs Trade Flex Trousers, Scruffs Worker Trouser Graphite, Scruffs Drezna Twill Tobacco Trousers, Scruffs Worker Plus Trouser Navy, Scruffs Worker Trouser Navy, Scruffs 3D Trade Trouser Black, Scruffs 3D Trade Trouser Graphite
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  • Waterproof

    Includes Scruffs Yellow Waterproof Suit, Scruffs Black Waterproof Suit
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  • Womens

    Includes Scruffs Twister Women's NuBuck Boot
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Scruffs Warranty

Scruffs clothing & boots have no warranty on them as they are Wear & Tear items. Scruffs work an a inspection purpose, the information they require to advise credit/replacement is the following: 1) Style of goods (An image of the label within the boot/garment, They require this for the batch number and part number). 2) Purchase order number & proof of Sale (The our customer has purchased this on & a proof of sale to their customer stating the date purchased). 3) What environment/trade the garment/boots have been worn in? 4) A clear photo of the goods where we can assess the fault advised 5) If replacement is required or just a credit.

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