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  • Cleaners & Lubricants

    Cleaners & Lubricants
    Includes Batavia BAT7063391 MAXXBRUSH 240V Multibrush For House And Garden Astro-Turf / Patio Decking 1020W, Batavia BAT7063032 Multi-Material Brush for The MAXXBRUSH, Batavia BAT7063034 Detail Spiral Brush For The MAXXBRUSH
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  • Diamond Blade Accessories

    Diamond Blade Accessories
    Includes Batavia 7060624 Racer sawblade set in alu. case (6 pcs.), Batavia 7062142 Diamond sawblades Ø 85 mm. - 2 pieces - MAXX SAW & XXL SPEED SAW, Diamond sawblades Ø 85 mm. - 2 pieces - MAXX SAW & XXL SPEED SAW, Batavia 7062144 TCT saw blade Ø 85 mm. 30 teeth - 2 pieces - MAXX SAW & XXL SPEED SAW
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  • Other Circular Saws

    Other Circular Saws
    Includes BATAVIA T-RAXX PRO 165mm 1400w Plunge Saw 240v, Batavia Thor 7062432 All-Purpose Saw 1000 Watt 240 Volt, Batavia BAT7062244 Maxx Saw 85mm Plunge Saw 600 Watt 240 Volt, Batavia 7060765 MADMAXX Plunge Saw with Mitre Base
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  • Screwdrivers

    Includes BATAVIA 7062267 7.2v Flipout Multi Angle Screwdriver
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  • Telescopic Ladders

    Telescopic Ladders
    Includes Batavia BAT7062759 Giraffe Air Ladder 3.91M With Stabiliser 12 Rung EN131-6/GS, Batavia 7062056 Giraffe Air 2.61m Telescopic Ladder, Batavia 7062696 3.25m Giraffe Air Telescopic Ladder with Stabilisers, Batavia BAT7062763 2.62m Giraffe Air Telescopic Ladder EN131-6/GS
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  • Workshop Equipment

    Workshop Equipment
    Includes Batavia 7061991 Croc Lock Compact Work and Clamping System
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