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  • Chisels & Points

    Chisels & Points
    Includes OxTools Pro Wood Chisel - Code OX7699, OxTools Trade Cold Chisel - Code OX8287, OxTools Pro Concrete Chisel - 3/4 inch X 12 inch - Code OX7023, OxTools Trade Plugging Chisel - 230mm X 6mm - Code OX7040, OxTools Pro Brick Chisel - 4 inch X 8 1/2 inch - Code OX7022, OxTools Pro Electrians Chisel - 2 1/4 inch X 10 inch - Code OX7018, OxTools Pro Floor Chisel - 3 inch X 11 inch - Code OX7019, OxTools Pro Cold Chisel - 1 inch X 12 inch - Code OX7020, OxTools Pro Brick Chisel - 3 inch X 8 1/2 inch - Code OX7021, OxTools Pro Wood Chisel Set - Code OX13866
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  • Clamps

    Includes OxTools Pro Heavy Duty Bar Clamp - Code OX15906, OxTools Pro Bar Clamp - Code OX8261, OxTools Pro Profile Clamp - Code OX17899, OxTools Ox Pro Nail On Profile Clamp - Code OX18205, OxTools Pro 178mm Internal Profile Clamp - Code OX17902, OxTools Pro 300mm Internal Profile Clamp - Code OX17903
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  • Cold Handling Gloves

    Cold Handling Gloves
    Includes OxTools Thermal Grip Gloves - Box Of 12 - Code OX8305
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  • Cornering Tools & Straight Edges

    Cornering Tools & Straight Edges
    Includes OxTools Pro Plasterers Float - Code OX8273, OxTools Pro Polymer Sponge Float - 120mm X 300mm - Code OX6960, OxTools Pro Magnesium Float - Code OX16224, OxTools Pro Rubber Sponge Float - Fine - Code OX17676, OxTools Pro Rubber Sponge Float - Coarse - Code OX17677, OxTools Pro Sponge Float 140 X 280mm - Code OX17684, OxTools Pro Sponge Float - Profiled 140 X 280mm - Code OX17685, OxTools Pro Soft Grip Grout Float - Code OX17913
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  • Cut Resistant Gloves

    Cut Resistant Gloves
    Includes OxTools Cut 5 Pu Grip Gloves - Code OX8308
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  • Ear Protection

    Ear Protection
    Includes OxTools Helmet Mounted Ear Defenders - Code OX7144, OxTools Ear Defenders - Snr 25db - Code OX7146, OxTools Premium Ear Defenders - Snr 27db - Code OX7147, OxTools Disposable Ear Plugs - Un-corded - Code OX7148, OxTools Disposable Ear Plugs - Corded - Code OX7149
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  • Eye Protection

    Eye Protection
    Includes OxTools Direct Vent Safety Goggle - Code OX7150, OxTools Indirect Vent Safety Goggle - Code OX7151, OxTools Deluxe Anti Mist Safety Goggle - Code OX7153, OxTools Visitor Safety Spectacles - Box Of 5 - Code OX7154, OxTools Professional Wrap Around Safety Glasses - Box Of 10 - Code OX8301, OxTools Safety Glasses - Box Of 12 - Code OX8302
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  • Face & Head Protection

    Face & Head Protection
    Includes OxTools Standard Unvented Hard Hat - Code OX8299, OxTools Premium Unvented Hard Hat - Code OX8300
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  • General Use Gloves

    General Use Gloves
    Includes OxTools Pro Latex Grip Gloves - Box Of 12 - Code OX8303, OxTools Latex Grip Gloves - Box Of 12 - Code OX8304, OxTools Pu Flex Gloves - Box Of 12 - Code OX8307, OxTools Red Pvc Knitwrist Gloves - Box Of 12 - Code OX8309, OxTools Nitrile Flex Gloves - Box Of 12 - Code OX8310, OxTools Kevlar Grip Gloves - Code OX8817, OxTools Orange Criss Cross Gloves - Box Of 12 - Code OX7196
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  • Hammers & Mallets

    Hammers & Mallets
    Includes OxTools Pro White Rubber Mallet - Code OX8279, OxTools Trade Black Rubber Mallet - Code OX8284, OxTools Trade Combination Rubber Mallet - Code OX8283
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  • Hi-Visibility Clothing

    Hi-Visibility Clothing
    Includes OxTools Yellow Hi Vis Vest - Code OX8317, OxTools Orange Hi Vis Vest - Code OX8318
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  • Knives & Knife Blades

    Knives & Knife Blades
    Includes OxTools Pro Joint Knife - Code OX8271, OxTools Pro Taping Knife - Code OX8270, OxTools Pro Heavy Duty Retractable Knife - Code OX7012, OxTools Pro 100 Pack Heavy Duty Knife Blades & Dispenser - Box Of 6 - Code OX7014, OxTools Pro 10 Pack Heavy Duty Knife Blades & Dispenser - Box Of 20 - Code OX7015, OxTools Pro Fixed Blade Folding Knife - Code OX13436, OxTools Pro Snap Off Knife - 18mm - Code OX13871, OxTools Pro 10 Pack Heavy Duty Hooked Knife Blades & Dispenser - Box Of 20 - Code OX17689, OxTools Pro 100 Pack Heavy Duty Hooked Knife Blades & Dispenser - Box Of 6 - Code OX17690, OxTools Trade Heavy Duty Retractable Knife - Code OX18207
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  • Levels and Levelling Instruments

    Levels and Levelling Instruments
    Includes OxTools Pro Spirit Level - Code OX7698, OxTools Pro Torpedo Level 250mm - Code OX13408, OxTools Trade Torpedo Level 250mm - Code OX13409, OxTools Pro Level Bag - Code OX13865, OxTools Trade Torpedo Level 230mm - Box Of 20 - Code OX18178, OxTools Trade Spirit Level - Code OX18220, OxTools Ox Trade 4 Piece Spirit Level Set - 600, 1200 & 1800mm Trade Level And Trade 230mm Torpedo Level - Code OX18409, OxTools Pro Level 1200mm With Steel Rule - Code OX18410
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  • Mallets & Hammers

    Mallets & Hammers
    Includes OxTools Pro Fibreglass Handle Claw Hammer - Code OX8278, OxTools Pro Hickory Handle Sledge Hammer - Code OX8281, OxTools Pro Hickory Handle Club Hammer - Code OX8280, OxTools Trade Fibreglass Handle Club Hammer - Code OX8276, OxTools Pro Claw Hammer - Code OX15907, OxTools Trade Fibreglass Handle Sledge Hammer - Code OX8277, OxTools Pro Framing Hammer - 28oz - Code OX13426, OxTools Pro Drywall Hammer - 14oz - Code OX13427, OxTools Trade Claw Hammer - Code OX13867, OxTools Pro Club Hammer - Code OX13870, OxTools Pro Brick Hammer - 24oz - Code OX13889, OxTools Pro Straight Claw Hammer - 20oz - Code OX16198
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  • Overalls

    Includes OxTools Pp Disposable Coveralls - Code OX8311, OxTools Type 5/6 Disposable Coveralls - Code OX8312, OxTools Waterproof Rainsuit - Black - Code OX17936, OxTools Waterproof Rainsuit - Yellow - Code OX17941
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  • Paddles & Whisks

    Paddles & Whisks
    Includes OxTools Pro Mixing Paddle - Code OX8816
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  • Plastering Hawks

    Plastering Hawks
    Includes OxTools Pro Plasterers' Hawk - 330mm X 330mm - Code OX6964
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  • Plastering Trowels

    Plastering Trowels
    Includes OxTools Pro Pointing Trowel Philadelphia Pattern - Code OX8263, OxTools Pro Brick Trowel London Pattern - 11 inch / 280mm - Code OX6893, OxTools Pro Gauging Trowel - 7 inch / 180mm - Code OX6898, OxTools Pro Bucket Trowel - Carbon Steeel- 7 inch / 180mm - Code OX6907, OxTools Trade Gauging Trowel - Wooden Handle 7 inch / 180mm - Code OX6925, OxTools Trade Bucket Trowel - Wooden Handle / 7 inch / 180mm - Code OX6929, OxTools Trade Brick Trowel London - Wooden Handle 11 /280mm inch - Code OX6924, OxTools Trade Brick Trowel Philadelphia - Wooden Handle 11 /280mm inch - Code OX6923, OxTools Pro Pointed Flooring Trowel - Code OX8274, OxTools Pro Pointing Trowel London Pattern - Code OX8264, OxTools Pro Carbon Steel Plasterers Trowel - Code OX8268, OxTools Trade Pointing Trowel - Code OX8267, OxTools Pro Cement Finishing Trowel - Code OX8275, OxTools Pro Margin Trowel 125 X 50mm - Code OX6940, OxTools Pro Pipe Trowel - 260 X 75mm - Code OX6939, OxTools Pro Stainless Steel Plasterers Trowel - Code OX8269, OxTools Pro Dry Wall External Corner T
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  • Protection Accessories

    Protection Accessories
    Includes OxTools Plastic Box Safety Kit - Code OX7205, OxTools Poly Bag Safety Kit - Code OX7206, OxTools Heavy Duty Soft Gel Filled Knee Pads - Code OX7209
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  • Respirators

    Includes OxTools Polycarbonate Face Shield - Code OX7162, OxTools Twin Half Mask Respirator - Code OX7163, OxTools Ffp1 Moulded Cup Respirator - 20pk - Code OX7164, OxTools Ffp1v Moulded Cup Respirator / Valve - 10pk - Code OX7165, OxTools Ffp2 Moulded Cup Respirator - 20pk - Code OX7166, OxTools Ffp2v Moulded Cup Respirator / Valve - 10pk - Code OX7167, OxTools Ffp3v Moulded Cup Respirator / Valve - 5pk - Code OX7168, OxTools Ffp2 Fold Flat Respirator - 50 Pk - Code OX7169, OxTools Ffp2v Fold Flat Respirator - 25 Pk - Code OX7170, OxTools Ffp3v Fold Flat Respirator - 20 Pk - Code OX7171
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  • Safety Boots

    Safety Boots
    Includes OxTools Nubuck Safety Boots - Code OX8298, OxTools Pro Safety Boots - Code OX17948
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  • Screwdriver Sets

    Screwdriver Sets
    Includes OxTools Pro 7 Piece Screwdriver Set - Code OX6883, OxTools Pro Multibit Ratchet Screwdriver - Code OX18179, OxTools Pro Slotted Flared Screwdrivers - Code OX18212, OxTools Pro Slotted Parallel Screwdrivers - Code OX18221, OxTools Pro Pozi Screwdrivers - Code OX18223
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  • Sealant Guns

    Sealant Guns
    Includes OxTools Pro Sealant Gun ? 400ml - Code OX17930, OxTools Pro Heavy Duty Sealant Gun - 400ml - Code OX17931
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  • Specialist Gloves

    Specialist Gloves
    Includes OxTools Red Welders Guantlets - Code OX7204
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  • Tape Measures

    Tape Measures
    Includes OxTools Trade Tape Measure - Box Of 12 - Code OX8259, OxTools Trade Open Reel Tape Measure - Code OX8260, OxTools Trade Closed Reel Tape Measure - 30m / 100ft - Code OX6860, OxTools Pro Tape Measure - Code OX15903, OxTools Pro Closed Reel Tape Measure - 30m / 100ft - Code OX17670, OxTools Pro Open Reel Tape Measure - Code OX17701
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  • Tile Adhesives & Grouts

    Tile Adhesives & Grouts
    Includes OxTools Trade Wedge Shaped Tile Spacers - 6mm (500pcs Per Bag) - Code OX17683
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  • Tinsnips

    Includes OxTools Pro Aviation Snips Right Cut (green) - Code OX17916, OxTools Pro Aviation Snips Straight Cut (yellow) - Code OX17917, OxTools Pro Aviation Snips Left Cut (red) - Code OX17918
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  • Tool Bags, Belts & Pouches

    Tool Bags, Belts & Pouches
    Includes OxTools Pro Ox Round Top Tool Bag - Code OX7064, OxTools Pro Ox Super Open Mouth Tool Bag - Code OX7065, OxTools Pro Open Tool Tote Bag - Code OX13437, OxTools Pro Double Open Mouth Tool Bag - Code OX13438
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