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  • Bandsaws

    Includes Ryobi RBS 5518 Two Speed Band Saw (240 Volt Only), Ryobi RBS 3080 Workshop Band Saw - 254mm (10 inch ) (240 Volt Only), Flex SBG 2908 VE Portable Metal Cutting Bandsaw (240 Volt Only), Flex SBG 3908 Metal Cutting Bandsaw with Swivelling Saw Frame (240 Volt Only), Milwaukee HBS 120 E Metal Cutting Bandsaw (110/240 Volt), Fox F40 581 Variable Speed Scroll Saw with Flexidrive - 18 inch (240 Volt Only), Fox F28-186 6 inch Band Saw (240 VOLT ONLY), Fox F40-541 16 inch Variable Speed Scroll Saw (240 Volt Only), Makita 2107FK Bandsaw - 255mm Blade and Metabo BAS260 Swift Band Saw (240 Volt Only).
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  • Bench Saws

    Bench Saws
    Golz BS600-E Powerful and Robust Compact Block Saw - 240v/400v, Golz TS200 Tile Saw 240v, Golz BS400 Powerful and Robust Masonry Table Saw - 240v/400v, Golz BS400-P Petrol Powerful and Robust Masonry Table Saw
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  • Chop Saws

    Chop Saws
    Includes Dewalt D28715 110v / 240v Portable cut off saw- 355mm blade, DeWalt D28715 Heavy-Duty 14 inch Cut Off Saw (240 Volt Only), Makita 2414B Portable Cut Off/Chop Saw - 355mm Blade (110/240 Volt), DeWalt DW872 Heavy-Duty 355mm Blade Portable Cut Off Saw (110/240 Volt), Makita 2414NB Portable Cut Off Saw - 355mm Blade (110/240 Volt), Evolution Rage2 355mm Multipurpose Cut off Saw, Evolution Rage4 185mm Multipurpose Advan-saw (1x blade) and Evolution 355mm Diamond Blade.
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  • Circular Saws

    Circular Saws
    Includes Bosch GKS-18VLI Cordless 18 Volt 160mm Circular Saw (2 x 2.6Ah Lithium Ion Batteries), Milwaukee CS55 Circular Saw (240 Volt Only), Milwaukee CS75 Circular Saw (110/240 Volt), Milwaukee SCS65Q Circular Saw with Tilt Lok (110/240 Volt), Milwaukee PMS 18 Volt Cordless Circular Saw (2 Batteries), Makita 5903R Circular Saw - 235mm Blade (1,550 Watt) (110/240 Volt), Makita 4112HS Stone & Concrete Cutter - 305mm Diamond Wheel (110 Volt Only), Milwaukee HD18CS M18 Cordless 18 Volt Circular Saw, Makita 4101RH Stone and Concrete Cutter - Wet Cutting (110 Volt Only) and AEG KS66 Circular Saw 190mm Blade (240 Volt Only).
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  • Disc Cutters

    Disc Cutters
    Includes Arbortech AS160 900 Watt Industrial Oscillating Cutting Saw, Arbortech AS170 1000 Watt Industrial Oscillating Cutting Saw, Hitachi CM12Y Disc Cutter 305mm / 12 inch Disc 2,400 Watt (110/240 Volt) and Evolution 305mm Disc Cutter 2400w.
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  • Floor Saws

    Floor Saws
    Includes Belle Compact 350X Floor Saw (Honda Petrol Engine), Belle CFS 450 Heavy Duty Floor Saw (Honda Petrol Engine), Belle CFS 600 Large Heavy Duty Floor Saw (Honda Petrol Engine) and Belle CFS 600 Large Heavy Duty Floor Saw (Hatz Diesel Engine).
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  • Jigsaws

    Includes Milwaukee JSPE90X/K Jigsaw (240 Volt Only), Milwaukee FSPE110QX/K Jigsaw (240 Volt Only), DeWalt DC330N 18 Volt Heavy Duty Cordless Jigsaw (BODY ONLY), Milwaukee HD18JS Jigsaw 18 Volt Cordless Jigsaw, AEG STEP90X Pendulum Action Jigsaw (240 Volt Only), STEP 1200 BX Jigsaw (110/240 Volt), Bosch Cordless Jigsaw GST24V2 (24 Volt 2.6Ah), Bosch GST24VN Cordless 24 Volt Jigsaw (Body Only), Bosch Pendulum Action Jigsaw GST-120-BE (110/240 Volt) and Bosch GST 135 BCE Jigsaw with Precision Control (110/240 Volt).
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  • Mitre Saws

    Mitre Saws
    Includes DeWalt DW707 Crosscut Mitre Saw 1,200 Watt With Legstand (240 Volt Only), DeWalt DW712 Slide Compound Mitre Saw (110/240 Volt), DeWalt DW743N 250mm Blade Flip-Over Mitre Saw (110 Volt Only), Makita LS1040 Compound Mitre Saw - 255mm Blade (110/240 Volt), Makita LS1013X Slide Compound Mitre Saw with Legstand (110/240 Volt), Ryobi EMS-1425-L Mitre Saw 254mm (10 inch ) Blade (240 Volt Only), Bosch GCM 10 S Mitre Saw (110 Volt Only), Fox Gold FG36 305 Combination Saw - 12 inch (240 Volt Only), DeWalt D27105 Flip Over Saw / Combination Saw - 305mm Blade (110/240 Volt) and Makita BLS820SAJ Cordless 24 Volt Compound Mitre Saw.
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  • Reciprocating Saws

    Reciprocating Saws
    Includes DeWalt DC385N 18 Volt Cordless Reciprocating Saw (Body Only), Makita JR180DWDE Cordless Reciprocating Saw 18 Volt (2 x Ni-MH Battereries), Milwaukee SSE1000SQ Sawzall with Rems Collet (240 Volt Only), Milwaukee SSE1000QX Sawzall with Fixtec & Additional Rems Collet (110/240 Volt), Milwaukee SSPE1300QX Sawzall with Pendulum (110/240 Volt), Milwaukee HD18SX Cordless Reciprocating Saw (M18 Heavy Duty SAWZALL?), AEG USE1300XE Reciprocating Saw (240 Volt Only), Panasonic Cordless 18 Volt Reciprocating Saw EY-3544-GQK, Black and Decker 14.4 Volt Reciprocating Saw CS143BK and DeWalt DW303-K Reciprocating Saw (240 Volt Only).
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  • Scroll Saws

    Scroll Saws
    Clarke CSS16VB 16 inch Scroll Saw - Code 6462147, Clarke CSS400C 16 inch Variable Speed Scroll Saw, Sealey SM1302 Variable Speed Scroll Saw 406mm Throat 230V, Dremel MS20-1/5 Moto-Saw Compact 2 in 1 Scroll - Fret Saw 240v, Clarke CSS400B 16 inch Scroll Saw
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  • Table Saws

    Table Saws
    Includes Ryobi ETS 1525 Table Saw (10 inch ) (110 or 240 Volt), Ryobi ETS 1825 Table Saw with Folding Stand (110/240 Volt), Metabo TKHS315M Site Saw 2500 Watts (110/240 Volt), DeWalt DW720K Radial Arm Saw (240 Volt Only), Fox F36 527 Table Saw - 10 inch (240 Volt Only), Fox F36 530 Cast Iron Cabinet Saw with Sliding Carriage - 10 inch (240 Volt Only), Fox F36 524 Cast Iron Table Saw with Sliding Carriage - 8 inch (240 Volt Only), Fox F36-541 12 inch Table Saw (240 Volt Only), Fox F36-522 10 inch (254mm) Table Saw (240 Volt Only) and Fox F36-540 10 inch Table Saw (240 Volt Only).
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  • Tile Saws

    Tile Saws
    Includes Makita 4191DWD Cordless 12 Volt Glass and Tile Cutter (1 x 2.6Ah Ni-MH Battery), Makita 4191DZ Cordless 12 Volt Glass and Tile Cutter (Body Only), Makita JS1600 Shear Cutters (110 / 240 Volt), Makita JS3200 Shear Cutters (110/240 Volt), Belle 'MiniTile' Electric Tile Saw 230 (110 Volt Only), Belle 'Magik' Electric Tile Saw 180 (240 Volt Only), 600mm Pro Tile Cutter, 18mm Blade fits 400mm Pro Tile Cutter, 22mm Blade fits 600mm Pro Tile Cutter and 400mm Pro Tile Cutter.
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  • Wall Saws

    Wall Saws
    Includes Husqvarna PP 455 E Powerpack, Husqvarna WS 325 Manual, Husqvarna PP325E Electric Hydraulic Power Pack 415v, Husqvarna WS 462 Hydraulic, Husqvarna PP 345 E Powerpack, Husqvarna WS 463 Hydraulic, Husqvarna WS 440 HF High Frequency Electric, Husqvarna WS 482 HF High Frequency Electric and Husqvarna CS2512.
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