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  • 1st Fix Nail Kits

    1st Fix Nail Kits
    Includes Fox Nailmaster Nail Kit (Paslode IM350 Compatible)
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  • 255mm Mitre Saws

    255mm Mitre Saws
    Includes Fox F36-258DB 255mm Double Bevel Slide Compound Mitre Saw 110/240v, Fox F36-252D 10 inch Compound Mitre Saw, Fox F36 252D-92 Carbon Brush to suit F36 252D Mitre Saw each
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  • 305mm Mitre Saws

    305mm Mitre Saws
    Includes Fox F36-259DB 305mm Double Bevel Slide Compound Mitre Saw 110/240v
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  • Accessories

    Includes Fox Cutter Block Set to suit F60-105 Spindle Moulder
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  • Angle Sanders

    Angle Sanders
    Includes Fox F31 120 Disc Sander - 12 inch Disc (240 Volt Only)
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  • Bandsaw Blades

    Bandsaw Blades
    Includes FOX Bandsaw Blade FB1400-386 Length 1400mm Thickness 3/8 inch TPI 6 to suit F28 182A, Fox FB1400-146 1400mm x 1/4 inch x 6tpi Bandsaw Blade
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  • Bandsaws

    Includes Fox F28-186 Band Saw (240 VOLT ONLY), Fox F28-182A 200mm Vertical Bandsaw (240v only) - includes Guiderail, Fox Guide Rail to suit F28-182 Bandsaw, Fox F28-191 Bandsaw F28-191 Bandsaw 240v
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  • Belt Sanders

    Belt Sanders
    Includes Drive Belt to Suit Fox F31 462 Belt and Disc Sander - 4 inch Belt & 6 inch Disc, Fox F31 462A Belt and Disc Sander - 4 inch Belt & 6 inch Disc (240 Volt Only)
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  • Bulbs & Tubes

    Bulbs & Tubes
    Includes Fox F50-177B Bulb to suit mounting rail with light
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  • Chop Saws

    Chop Saws
    Includes Fox F20-140A Metal Cut-Off Saw 240v only
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  • Chucks

    Includes Fox Tools Wood Lathe Micro Chuck FX 2000, Fox Tools Wood Lathe 4 inch Geared Scroll Chuck FX 4000, Fox F46 960 Precision Jaws to Suit Fox FX 4000 Wood Chuck, F46 962 Precision Jaws to Suit Fox FX 4000 Wood Chuck, F46 963 Precision Jaws to Suit Fox FX 4000 Wood Chuck
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  • Corded Routers & Mortisers

    Corded Routers & Mortisers
    Includes F60 205 ?? Collet Extension to Suit Fox F60 200 Proffesional Router Table
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  • Cutters

    Includes Fox F23-720 Sharpening Centre
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  • Drilling / Scouring

    Drilling / Scouring
    Includes Fox Drill Press vice, Fox 20mm Drill Press - Code F12-961A
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  • Drywall Sanders

    Drywall Sanders
    Includes Fox FDW550 Long Necked Drywall Sander (110 Volt Only)
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  • Dust Bags

    Dust Bags
    Includes Spare Bags for FOX F50-801 Vacuum (Per 5 Pack), Fox F50-800 Replacement Cartridge Filter, Spare Filter Bags to Suit Fox F50 841 Dust Extractor, Spare Filter Bags to Suit Fox F50 842 Dust Extractor, Accessories for the F50 843 Dust Extractor, Fox F50-800 Dust Extractor Bags (per 5 pack), Spare Bag for FOX F50-811 Vacuum Each
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  • Dust Extractors

    Dust Extractors
    Includes Fox F50 843 Dust Extractor - 3hp (240 Volt Only), Fox F50 841 Dust Extractor - 1HP (240 Volt Only), Fox F50 842 Dust Extractor - 2hp (240 Volt Only), Fox F50-800 Dust Extractor inc Accessory Kit 110v/240v, Fox F50-811-240 M Class Dust Extractor 240v, Fox F50-811-110 M Class Dust Extractor 110v, Fox Hepa-filter to suit Fox F50-811-110 M Class, Fox F50-812 M Class Dust Extractor 21 Litres - 110v/240v
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  • Fuel Cells & Kits

    Fuel Cells & Kits
    Includes Fox Nailmaster Red Top Gas Cell (Paslode IM350 Compatible)
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  • Guards & Stands

    Guards & Stands
    Includes FOX F50-177P Mounting Rails (Pair), FOX F50-177L Mounting Rail with Light 110v/240v
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  • Hedgetrimmers

    Includes Bosch AHS 35-15 LIN 10.8v Cordless Hedge Trimmer 350mm Blade without Battery or Charger
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  • Hoses, Hose Reels & Hose Connectors

    Hoses, Hose Reels & Hose Connectors
    Includes Fox 1 Metre 4 inch Hose to suit Fox F50 841, F50 842 and F50 843
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  • Jointing Biscuits

    Jointing Biscuits
    Includes Fox No. 20 Jointing Biscuits (Box of 1000), Fox No. 10 Jointing Biscuits (Box of 1000), Fox No. 0 Jointing Biscuits (Box of 1000)
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  • Miscellaneous Saw Blades

    Miscellaneous Saw Blades
    Includes Fox Blade FXP 250x30mm x60T to suit F36-540 Table Saw
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  • Mitre Saw Accessories

    Mitre Saw Accessories
    Includes Fox Brushes to Suit F36-259 (Pair)
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  • Mitre Saw Blades

    Mitre Saw Blades
    Includes ACS3053080 Circular TCT Aluminium Cutting Saw Blades
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  • Mortisers

    Includes Gas Spring to Suit Fox F14 651 Bench Morticer, Fox F14 650 Bench Morticer - � inch , �hp (240 Volt Only)
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  • Multi Function Tools

    Multi Function Tools
    Includes Fox F50-177 Multi Function Work Station (110v Only
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  • Paddles & Whisks

    Paddles & Whisks
    Includes FOX F7830 Paddle Mixer 1400W - 110v/240v
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  • Pillar Drills

    Pillar Drills
    Includes Fox 13mm Drill Press Bench Top Pillar Drill - Code F12-921A, Fox 16mm Drill Press Bench Top Pillar Drill - Code F12-941, Fox F12-942A Bench Top Pillar Drill, Fox F12-961A Floor Standing Pillar Drill
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  • Planers & Thicknessers

    Planers & Thicknessers
    Includes Fox F22 561 Portable Thicknesser - 10 inch (240 Volt Only), Fox F22 568 Planer / Thicknesser - 10 inch x 7 inch (240 Volt Only), Fox F22-564-250 Planer Thicknesser - 10 inch x 5 inch (240 Volt Only), Fox Planer & Thicknesser Accessories, Fox Grinding Wheels & Accessories
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  • Plaster Mixers & Stirrers

    Plaster Mixers & Stirrers
    Includes Fox F7860 1300 Watt Power Mixer (110/240 Volt), Fox F7880 Paddle Mixer 110V/240 - Inc plastic case + 2 paddles
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  • Scroll Saw Blades

    Scroll Saw Blades
    Includes Pair of Replacement Blades to Suit Fox F40-541 Variable Speed Scroll Saw
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  • Spare Parts

    Spare Parts
    Includes Replacement Blades for Fox F28 186 Band Saw, Replacement Blades for Fox F28 194 Band Saw, Replacement Blades for Fox F28 195 Band Saw, Replacement Blades for Fox F28 193 Band Saw, Replacement Sanding Disc & Belts to Suit Fox F31 085, F31 462, F31 120, & F31 085A Sanding Machines, Fox F36-540-1-C4 V Belt to suit F36-540 Table Saw, Fox Flange To Suit F36 252A-67
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  • Specialist Gloves

    Specialist Gloves
    Includes Fox Colorado Anti Vibration Gloves (6 pairs)
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  • Spindle Moulders

    Spindle Moulders
    Includes Fox F60-105 Spindle Moulder (240 Volt Only), Fox F60-105 Cuneal Belt
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  • Table Saws

    Table Saws
    Includes Fox F36 527 Table Saw - 10 inch (240 Volt Only), Fox Brushes to suit F36-522 (per pair), Fox F36-522E 250mm 1500W 240v Table Saw, FOX F36-610-110 Flip Over Saw 110v, FOX F36-610-240 Flip Over Saw 240v
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  • Workstations

    Includes Fox F50-177a-240 Fox Universal Workstation 240v, Fox F50-177a-110 Fox Universal Workstation 110v, Fox F50-179 Fox Universal Workstation, Fox F50-177-110 Universal Workstation 110V
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Fox Warranty

Fox power tools come with a standard 3 year warranty on all power tools except the paddle mixers. The first year covers parts and labour and the second and third years cover just parts.

Fox Paddle Mixers come with a one year warranty and covers parts and labour.

Fox warranties are not covered if the item is used outside the UK.

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