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Black & Decker

The Black & Decker Corporation was founded in 1910 and since become a leading manufacturer of quality power tool and home improvement products all over the world.

Black & Decker was originally started by two young entrepreneurs named S. Duncan Black and Alonzo G. Decker hence the name and initially started in a small machine shop in Baltimore, Maryland.

Nowadays Black and Decker has become a household name and a very trustworthy one at that. It's tools can be found in countries all over the world and holds the majority of the do it yourself markets within them.

Black & Decker's innovative products have a massive scope ranging from the famous workmate to the less famous but massively popular Dustbuster range which includes Click & Go technology.

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  • Chainsaws

    Includes BLACK & DECKER CS2245 240v - Chainsaw - Code CS2245, BLACK & DECKER CS2040 240V - Chainsaw - Code CS2040, BLACK & DECKER CS1835 240v - Chainsaw - Code CS1835, BLACK & DECKER GKC3630LB 36v - Chainsaw - Code GKC3630LB, BLACK & DECKER GKC1825LB BODY 18v - Chainsaw - Code GKC1825LB, BLACK & DECKER GKC1820L20 18v - Chainsaw - Code GKC1820L20
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  • Drill Bit Sets

    Drill Bit Sets
    Includes BLACK & DECKER A7216 - 32pc bit set - Code A7216
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  • Electric Lawnmowers

    Electric Lawnmowers
    Includes BLACK & DECKER BEMW481BH 240v - Rotary mower - Code BEMW481BH, BLACK & DECKER BEMW451BH 240v - Rotary mower - Code BEMW451BH, BLACK & DECKER BEMW451 240v - Rotary mower - Code BEMW451
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  • Hedgetrimmers

    Includes BLACK & DECKER BEHTS501 240v - Hedge trimmer - Code BEHTS501, BLACK & DECKER BEHTS401 240v - Hedge trimmer - Code BEHTS401, BLACK & DECKER PH5551 240v - Pole hedge trimmer - Code PH5551, BLACK & DECKER PS7525 240v - Pole pruner - Code PS7525, BLACK & DECKER GTC3655PCLB 36v - Hedge trimmer - Code GTC3655PCLB, BLACK & DECKER GK1000 240v - Powered lopper - Code GK1000, BLACK & DECKER GTC18452PCB BODY 18v - Hedge trimmer - Code GTC18452PCB, BLACK & DECKER GTC18452PC 18v - Hedge trimmer - Code GTC18452PC
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  • Lawnmower Accessories

    Lawnmower Accessories
    Includes BLACK & DECKER GD300 240v - Raker - Code GD300, BLACK & DECKER CM100 - Mower / Strimmer - Code CM100, BLACK & DECKER BESTA530CM 240v - Mower / Strimmer - Code BESTA530CM, BLACK & DECKER STC1820PC 18v - Mower / Strimmer - Code STC1820PC
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  • Leaf Blowers

    Leaf Blowers
    Includes BLACK & DECKER GWC3600LB 36v - Blower - Code GWC3600LB, BLACK & DECKER GWC3600L20 36v - Blower - Code GWC3600L20
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  • Linetrimmers

    Includes BLACK & DECKER BESTA530 240v - Line trimmer - Code BESTA530, BLACK & DECKER BESTA525 240v - Line trimmer - Code BESTA525, BLACK & DECKER STC1820PCB BODY 18v - Line trimmer - Code STC1820PCB, BLACK & DECKER GL360 240v - Line trimmer - Code GL360, BLACK & DECKER GL250 240v - Line trimmer - Code GL250, BLACK & DECKER GL7033 240v - Line trimmer - Code GL7033, BLACK & DECKER GL9035 240v - Line trimmer - Code GL9035, BLACK & DECKER GLC3630LB 36v - Line trimmer - Code GLC3630LB, BLACK & DECKER GSL700 7.2v - Shrub trimmer - Code GSL700
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  • Multi Function Tools

    Multi Function Tools
    Includes BLACK & DECKER MT300KA 240v - Multi function tool - Code MT300KA
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  • Workmates

    Includes BLACK & DECKER WM825 - Workmate - Code WM825, BLACK & DECKER WM301 - Workmate - Code WM301, BLACK & DECKER WM626 - Workmate - Code WM626, BLACK & DECKER WM536 - Workmate - Code WM536
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Black & Decker Warranty

Black & Decker is confident of the quality of its products and offers an outstanding guarantee for professional users of the product. This guarantee statement is in addition to, and in no way prejudices your contractual rights. The guarantee is valid within the territories of the Member States of the European Union and the European Free Trade Area.

If your Black & Decker product becomes defective due to faulty materials or lack of conformity within 24 months from the date of purchase, Black & Decker guarantees to replace all defective parts, repair products, subjected to fair wear and tear, to make sure of the minimum inconvenience to the customer, unless, the product has not been used for trade, professional or hire purposes, the product has been subject to misuse or neglect or the product has sustained damage through foreign objects, substances or accidents. In order to make a claim, you will need to submit proof of purchase and your product must display the CE mark.

Black & Decker Warranty Policy