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Flood Lights

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  • AC Mains Floodlights

    AC Mains Floodlights
    Includes Red Arrow ECO LED Floodlight - 6500K - 10W White, Red Arrow Endura LED Polycarb Floodlight 10W SMD 6500K Black
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  • Floodlight Accessories

    Floodlight Accessories
    Includes Nightsearcher 1.7m Tripod to suit Ecostar/Workstar Range, Spare Nightsearcher CH12V-4A Main Charger will suit Megastar
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  • Floor Floodlights

    Floor Floodlights
    Includes Defender Low Energy LED Floor Light - 110v/240v, Defender 38W PL Low Energy Floor Light - Code E709155, Tradesafe 20W Minipod LED Light 110v, Sitebox MINIPOD - 500 Watt Enclosed Head Floodlight (110 Volt Only)
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  • Other Floodlights

    Other Floodlights
    Includes Nightsearcher NS43NANO Underwater Lighting Systems, Scaffold Halogen Lights 500 Watts 5mtr Cable 110v, Nightsearcher NS14NANO Underwater Lighting Systems, The New G250 Goliath Worklights (110/240 Volt), Red Arrow SMD LED Floodlight Dual Voltage - Yellow 6500K
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  • Rechargeable Floodlights

    Rechargeable Floodlights
    Includes Nightsearcher Megastar LED Floodlight 38Ah SLA with Solaris 20k Head (Max 20,000 Lumens), Nightsearcher Solaris Lite 22Ah SLA 20K Lightweight and Portable LED Floodlight 20,000 Max Lumens (inc Light, Powerpack, 1.7m Ext Pole, AC Charger)
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  • Tripod Floodlights

    Tripod Floodlights
    Includes NightSearcher BeatLite AC Work Light with Bluetooth Speaker, DeWalt Fluorescent Area Light, Nightsearcher NS750 HIGH PERFORMANCE RECHARGEABLE LED LONG DISTANCE UTILITY SEARCHLIGHT, NightSearcher Launch Lite Collapsible Portable LED Floodlight, Nightsearcher Maxi 9000 Fluorescent Floodlight, Clarke CHL151 Halogen Floodlight (150w/230v), Tradesafe Rechargeable 10 Watt LED Floodlight (900 Lumens), Defender LED Zone Floodlight 110v (Code E712881) or 240v (Code E712880), Nightsearcher Galaxy AC 5000 240V LED Site Light Up To 5,000 Lumens Output, FLOOD-IT PRO - Grey - 10 Watt - 4 Hour Working Time
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