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Fall Protection

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  • Fall Arrest Kits

    Fall Arrest Kits
    Includes Miller Duraflex Full Body Harness & Lanyard Kit 2m, Miller Duraflex Full Body Harness with 1.7m Barracuda Lanyard, Miller Duraflex Elasticated Full Body Harness with Hi-Vis Vest Jacket, JSP Harness & Lanyard Kit, JSP Harness & Lanyard Scaffolder Kit Deluxe, JSP Harness & Lanyard Scaffolder Kit, JSP Vertex Rescue Equipment and Mobile Man Anchor, Portable Anchor Device.
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  • Harnesses

    Includes Miller Duraflex Elasticated Full Body Harness I, Miller Duraflex Elasticated Full Body Harness II, Miller Duraflex Elasticated Full Body Harness III, Miller Standard Webbing Full Body Harness, Miller Harness & Lanyard Kit, Miller Duraflex Full Body Harness & Falcon Fall Limiter Kit 1.75m, Safety Harness, Heavy Duty Ratchet Strap, JSP Pioneer S Full Body Harness and JSP Pioneer DS Full Body Harness.
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  • Karabiners & Anchorage Points

    Karabiners & Anchorage Points
    Includes Rope Grab, Mobile Beam Glider, Aluminium Twistlock Karabiner, Manucreche / Wire Girder grip (100mm), Manucreche / Wire Girder grip (140mm), Extra Webbing, Polyester Webbing Anchorage Point - 800mm, Polyester Webbing Anchorage Point - 1200mm, Wire cable sling with two thimbled loops - 1000mm and Quicklock fall protection anchor.
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  • Lanyards & Lifelines

    Lanyards & Lifelines
    Includes Miller 2m Shock Absorbing Lanyard, Miller 1m Restraint Lanyard, Miller 1.5m Restraint Lanyard, Miller 2m Restraint Lanyard, Miller 1.8m Work Positioning Lanyard, Miller Falcon Personal Fall Limiter, Miller 14mm x 10m Anchorage Line, Miller 14mm x 20m Anchorage Line, Miller 16mm x 5m Anchorage Line (restraint only) and Miller 16mm x 10m Anchorage Line (restraint only).
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