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Clear Spill

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  • Chemical Only Spill Kits

    Chemical Only Spill Kits
    Includes Clearspill Chemical Drum Tops x 5 - CDT
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  • Drum Carts & Stackers

    Drum Carts & Stackers
    Includes Clearspill 2 Drum Spillshak - SJC2-YE-BK-B-A, Clearspill 4 Drum Spillshak - SJC4-YE-BK-B
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  • General Purpose Spill Kits

    General Purpose Spill Kits
    Includes Clearspill 38 Ltr Spill Kit Shoulder Bag - GK2, Clearspill SpillFix Recycling Station - SFX-RS, Clearspill 19 Ltr Spill Kit - GK1, Clearspill 38 Ltr Spill Kit - GK1L, Clearspill Refill Pack for GK2 - GK2R, Clearspill Refill Pack for GK4 - GK4R, Clearspill Spill Kit Bucket - GK4, Clearspill Refill Pack for GK5 - GK5R, Clearspill Spill Kit Overpack - GK5, Clearspill Refill Pack for GK3 - GK3R, Clearspill Spill Kit Cube Bag - GK3, Clearspill Refill for GK6 - GK6R, Clearspill 125L Wheeled Spill Kit - GK6, Clearspill Refill Pack for GK12 - GK12R, Clearspill Wall Mounted Spill Kit - GK12, Clearspill Refill Pack for GK7 - GK7R, Clearspill 240L Wheeled Spill Kit - GK7, Clearspill Refill Pack for GK8 - GK8R, Clearspill 340L Wheeled Spill Kit - GK8, Clearspill Refill Pack for GK9 - GK9R, Clearspill 660L Wheeled Spill Kit - GK9, Clearspill Audit Cover for 120L Spill Kit - AC120, Clearspill Audit Cover for 240L Spill Kit - AC240, Clearspill Audit Cover for 340L Spill Kit - AC340, Clearspill 10 Ltr Oil Only Mini Spill Kit
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  • Grit Bins

    Grit Bins
    Includes Clearspill Yellow 130 Ltr Grit Bin - JBS-130-YE, Clearspill Castor Kit for JBS-400 - KIT103, Clearspill Yellow 400 Ltr Storage/Grit Bin - JBS-400-YE, Clearspill Grit Bin / Storage Container 220 Ltr - GPSC2, Clearspill 51 Ltr Overpacl Unit - OVERPACK 20, Clearspill 114 Ltr Overpack Unit - OVERPACK30, Clearspill 361 Ltr Overpack Unit - OVERPACK 95
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  • Loose Absorbants & Granules

    Loose Absorbants & Granules
    Includes Clearspill Isol8 Organic Loose Absorbent 5 Pks/Box - ISO8, Clearspill Esorb Flame Retardent Loose Absorbent - ESO, Clearspill Multi Zorb Clay Granules - MZ1, Clearspill New Safety Tread Granules - NST, Clearspill Isol8 Organic Loose Absorbent - ISOL8, Clearspill SpillFix Loose Absorbent 15 Ltr Bag - SPX15, Clearspill SpillFix Loose Absorbent 50 Ltr Bag - SPX50, Clearspill Absodan Granules - ABG
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  • Oil Only Spill Kits

    Oil Only Spill Kits
    Includes Clear Spill Oil Spill Bucket Kit - 50 Litres
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  • Pads, Rolls and Cushions

    Pads, Rolls and Cushions
    Includes Clearspill Recycled Maintenance Roll 90cm x 50m - GPR2, Clearspill Super Absorbent Socks 8cm x 1.2m x 20 - GSK12, Clearspill Super Absorbent Socks 8cm x 3m x 8 - GSK30, Clearspill Recycled Maintenance Pads x 100 - GPP1, Clearspill Maintenance Cushions Large x 10 - GCL, Clearspill Maintenance Rip One Pads x 10 Sheets - R1G, Clearspill Recycled Maintenance Roll 50cm x 50m - GPR1, Clearspill Maintenance Pads x 200 Polyprop - GPL200, Clearspill Maintenance Socks 8cm x 3m x 8 - GS30, Clearspill Maintenance Pads x 100 Polyprop - GPH100, Clearspill Maintenance Socks 8cm x 1.2m x 20 - GS12, Clearspill Maintenance Cushions Med x 20 - GCM, Clearspill Maintenance Cushions Small x 25 - GCS, Clearspill Maintenance Roll 50cm x 50m H/Wt - GRH1, Clearspill Maintenance Roll 50cm x 100m Lt/Wt - GRL1, Clearspill Maintenance Roll 1m x 50m H/Wt - GRH2, Clearspill Maintenance Roll 1m x 100m Lt/Wt - GRL2, Clearspill Maintenance Land Booms 12cm x 3m x 4 - GB1, Clearspill Maintenance Land Booms 20cm x 3m x 4 - GB2, Clearspill Mainten
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  • Spill Control Extras

    Spill Control Extras
    Includes Clearspill ADR PPE Pack - ADRK1, Clearspill Drain Seal / Container / Shovel - ADRK3, Clearspill Refill Kit for ADRK5 - ADRK5-R, Clearspill 18 Ltr Universal ADR Kit - ADRK5, Clearspill Anti Static Shovel Two Part - SF03, Clearspill Anti Static Shovel Glued Handle - BK03-05, Clearspill Full ADR Kit - ADRK4, Clearspill Warning Triangle In Case - MP120, Clearspill 5 Ltr Bucket / Lid - EC500PH, Clearspill 10 Ltr Bucket / Lid - EC1000PH, Clearspill 20 Ltr Bucket / Lid - EC2000PH, Clearspill 60 Ltr Bucket / Lid - EC6000, Clearspill Metal Wheel Choc Holder - 1022.1, Clearspill Plastic Wheel Choc Holder - 1023.1, Clearspill Wheel Choc - 1022, Clearspill Wheel Choc - 1023, Clearspill Clay Drain Seals 40.5cm x 40.5cm x 4 - CDS2, Clearspill Clay Drain Seals 65cm x 45cm x 4 - CDS4, Clearspill Neoprene Drain Cover 1m x 1m - NDC1, Clearspill Polyurethane Drain Mat 46cm x 46cm - PDC1, Clearspill Polyurethane Drain Mat 61cm x 61cm - PDC2, Clearspill Polyurethane Drain Mat 91cm x 91cm - PDC3, Clearspill Drain Seal Storage Bag
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  • Spill Pallet Accessories

    Spill Pallet Accessories
    Includes Clearspill Work Floor Ramp - BFR (Ramp), Clearspill 300 Ltr Four Drum Bunded Work Floor - BF4S, Clearspill Work Floor Ramp - SJ-300-010, Clearspill 120 Ltr Work Floor Black 160 x 80 x 15cm 2 Drum - SJ-300-002, Clearspill 150 Ltr Bunded Work Floor - BF2, Clearspill 300 Ltr Four Drum Bunded Work Floor - BF4
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  • Spill Pallets

    Spill Pallets
    Includes Clearspill Single Drum Spill Pallet - BP1, Clearspill Two Drum Spill Pallet - BP2, Clearspill Three Drum Spill Pallet - BP3, Clearspill Two Drum Spill Pallet - SJ-100-002, Clearspill Four Drum Spill Pallet - SJ-100-006, Clearspill Four Drum Spill Pallet - BP4, Clearspill Four Drum Low Profile Spill Pallet - BP4L, Clearspill Three Drum Covered Spill Pallet - BP3C, Clearspill Four Drum Covered Spill Pallet - BP4C, Clearspill Eight Drum Spill Pallet - BP8, Clearspill Four Drum Covered Sump Pallet - 4064-YE, Clearspill Two Drum Covered Sump Pallet - 4062-YE, Clearspill Two Drum Bunded Pallet Converter - PALCON2, Clearspill Four Drum Bunded Pallet Converter - PALCON4, Clear Spill Industrial Covered 4 Drum Spill Pallet - Chemical Resistant + Weatherproof
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  • Spill Trays & Drip Trays

    Spill Trays & Drip Trays
    Includes Clearspill 5 Ltr Drip Tray - MT1, Clearspill 9 Ltr Drip Tray - MT9, Clearspill 9.5Ltr Lab Tray - LT1, Clearspill 11 Ltr Drip Tray - MT6, Clearspill 16 Ltr Drip Tray - MT2, Clearspill 18 Ltr Drip Tray - MT7, Clearspill 25 Ltr Drip Tray - MT10, Clearspill 28 Ltr Drip Tray - MT3, Clearspill 28 Ltr Shallow Drip Tray - MT11, Clearspill 20 Ltr Spill Tray No Grid - ST1-20-B-BK, Clearspill 20 Ltr Spill Tray With Grid - ST1-20-YE-BK, Clearspill 65 Ltr Drip Tray - MT8, Clearspill Drip Pads for MT4 Pk 5 - MT4O, Clearspill Hexagonal Drip Tray - MT4, Clearspill 25 Ltr Spill Tray - BB25, Clearspill 30 Ltr Spill Tray No Grid - ST1-30-B-BK, Clearspill 30 Ltr Spill Tray With Grid - ST1-30-YE-BK, Clearspill 45 Ltr Spill Tray - TTS, Clearspill 50 Ltr Spill Tray - BB50, Clearspill 100 Ltr Drip Tray - G112B, Clearspill 100 Ltr Spill Tray - BB100, Clearspill 50 Ltr Drum Spill Tray - BT50, Clearspill 60 Ltr Spill Tray - TTL, Clearspill 144 Ltr Drip Tray - G127B, Clearspill 110 Ltr Spill Tray - GPT1, Clearspill 230 Ltr Spill Tray -
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  • Storage Units

    Storage Units
    Includes Clearspill Acid Neutraliser 5 Ltrs - AN5, Clearspill Acid Neutraliser 20 Ltrs - AN20, Clearspill Poly Storage Cabinet - PSC1, Clearspill Poly Storage Cabinet - PSC2, Clearspill Poly Storage Cabinet - PSC3, Clearspill Poly Storage Cabinet - PSC5, Clearspill Poly Storage Cabinet - PSC4, Clearspill Poly Storage Unit PWC4 - PT1 (PWC4), Clearspill Poly Storage Cabinet - PMCS4, Clearspill Poly Drum Dolly Without Handle - PDD, Clearspill Poly Drum Dolly With Handle - PDDH, Clearspill Poly Trolley Cart - PC, Clearspill Poly Trolley Drum Cart - BT100, Clearspill Mobile Drum Cart - BT230, Clearspill Mobile Drum Cart - SJ-400-001, Clearspill 1100 Ltr Single IBC Sump Pallet - BB1, Clearspill IBC Funnel With Lid (IBCF) - DF200, Clearspill 1100 Ltr Single IBC Sump Pallet - SJ-500-001, Clearspill IBC Dispenser for SJ-500-003 - SJ-500-007, Clearspill 1140 Ltr Double IBC Sump Pallet - SJ-500-003, Clearspill Covered IBC Double Sump Pallet - BB2C, Clearspill Covered IBC Single Sump Pallet - BB1C, Clearspill IBC Sump Pallet Sing
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