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  • 115mm Angle Grinders

    115mm Angle Grinders
    Includes Metabo W9-115 (600354420) 4 1/2 inch Angle Grinder 240v/110v, Metabo WP 850-115 4-1/2 inch Angle Grinder 110v/240v, Metabo W750-115 (601230000) Angle Grinder 240v/110v, Metabo W18LTX 115mm 18v Grinder - Body Only, Metabo W18LTX 115 (602170530) Cordless Angle Grinder 115mm, Metabo W750-115 (601230000) Angle Grinder 240v/110v, Metabo WP 9-115 Quick Angle Grinder 110v/240v
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  • 125mm Angle Grinders

    125mm Angle Grinders
    Includes Metabo W18LTX 125mm Angle Grinder Kit 2 x 5.2ah Li-ion 602174650, Metabo WE15-125 Quick (600448190) Angle Grinder 240v, Metabo W12-125 Quick (600398500) Angle Grinder - 240v/110v, Metabo WEV 10-125 Quick Angle Grinder 110v/240v
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  • 165mm Circular Saws

    165mm Circular Saws
    Includes Metabo KSA18LTX 18v Cordless Circular Saw Kit 2 x 4.0Ah Li-ion, Metabo KSA 18 LTX 18 Volt Cordless Circular Saw - Body Only, Metabo KS55FS (600955700) Circular Saw - 240v
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  • 18 volt Combi Drills

    18 volt Combi Drills
    Includes Metabo SB18LT 18v Combi Drill - Body Only, Metabo SB 18 LTX QUICK Impuls Combi Drill - Body Only, Metabo SB18LTX 18v Quick Combi Drill 2 x 5.2ah
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  • 18v Hammer Drills

    18v Hammer Drills
    Includes Metabo KHA18LTX 18v 3 Function SDS Plus Hammer Drill 2 x 4.0ah, Metabo KHA18LTX 18v 3 Function SDS Plus Hammer Drill - Body Only
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  • 18v Impact Drivers

    18v Impact Drivers
    Includes Metabo SSD 18 LTX 200 18V Cordless Impact Driver 2 x 4.0ah Li-Ion Battery, Metabo SSD 18 LTX 200 18V Cordless Impact Driver - Body Only 602196890
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  • 18v Impact Wrenches

    18v Impact Wrenches
    Includes Metabo SSW 18 LTX 200 18V Cordless Impact Wrench - Body Only, Metabo SSW 18 LTX 400 BL 18V Cordless Impact Wrench - Body Only
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  • 18v Jigsaws

    18v Jigsaws
    Includes Metabo (602298840) STA 18 LTX 18v Jigsaw - Body Only
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  • 18v Reciprocating Saws

    18v Reciprocating Saws
    Includes Metabo ASE 18 LTX 18v Reciprocating Saw (4.0Ah Li-Ion), Metabo ASE18LTX 18v Recip Saw 602269850 - Body Only
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  • 210-216mm Mitre Saws

    210-216mm Mitre Saws
    Includes Metabo KGS 18 LTX 216 Mitre Saw with Sliding Function Cordless 18V li-ion - Body Only, Metabo KGS216M 110V Mitre Saw 1500w 216mm Blade - 240v/110v
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  • 230mm Angle Grinders

    230mm Angle Grinders
    Includes Metabo WE 22-230 MVT (606464000) Angle Grinder 240v/110v, Metabo W2000-230 9 inch Angle Grinder with Dead Mans Paddle 240v/110v, Metabo WE 24-230 MVT (606469000) Angle Grinder 240v, METABO WP2000-230 110v/240v Angle grinder - 9 inch (230mm)
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  • 250-260mm Mitre Saws

    250-260mm Mitre Saws
    Includes Metabo KGS254M (602540000) Mitre Saw - 240v
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  • 305mm Mitre Saws

    305mm Mitre Saws
    Includes Metabo KGS305M (619305000) Mitre Saw - 240v/110v
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  • 36v Hammer Drills

    36v Hammer Drills
    Includes Metabo KHA 36 LTX (600795650) 36v Cordless Hammer Drill c/w 2no x 5.2ah Batteries
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  • Batteries & Chargers

    Batteries & Chargers
    Includes Metabo 685064000 18v Basic Set 2x 4.0Ah Li-ion ASC30-36V and MetaLoc
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  • Bench Grinders

    Bench Grinders
    Includes Metabo DS125 (619125000) Bench Grinder - 240v 125mm, Metabo DS150 (619150000) Bench Grinder 240v
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  • Chop Saws

    Chop Saws
    Includes Metabo CS23-355 (602335190) Metal Chop Saw - 240v
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  • Combo Packs

    Combo Packs
    Includes Metabo COMBOSET 2.1.5 18v LTX Hammer Drill and Impact Driver 2 x 5.2Ah, Metabo Combo Set 2.1 10.8 V Quick Pro (685053000) Cordless Machines In A Set
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  • Corded Hammer Drills

    Corded Hammer Drills
    Includes Metabo KHE5-40/2 SDS Maxx Combi Hammer Drill 110v/240v, Metabo KHE2644 SDS Plus Combination Hammer Drill 240v/110v, Metabo KHE2644 SDS Plus Combination Hammer Drill 240v/110v, Metabo UHE2450 725w SDS Plus Multi Hammer Drill 240v/110v, Metabo KHE3251 800W 3 Function Combination Hammer Drill 240v/110v, Metabo KHE 2660 Quick Combination 3 Function SDS+ Hammer Drill 110v/240v, Metabo UHEV 2860-2 Quick 4 Function SDS+ Hammer Drill 110v/240v
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  • Corded Jigsaws

    Corded Jigsaws
    Includes Metabo STEB65 QUICK (601030500) Jigsaw 240v, Metabo STEB140 PLUS (601404610) Jigsaw 240v/110v
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  • Corded Reciprocating Saws

    Corded Reciprocating Saws
    Includes Metabo SSE1100 (606177500) Sabre Saw - 240v
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  • Diamond Core Drills

    Diamond Core Drills
    Includes Metabo BDE1100 - 1,100W Rotary Drill - with 5 piece diamond core set 110v/240v
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  • Die Grinders

    Die Grinders
    Includes Metabo GEP710L Die Grinder 110v
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  • Floor Lights

    Floor Lights
    Includes Metabo BSA 14.4-18 LED (602111850) Cordless Lamp
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  • Glue, Soldering & Heat Guns

    Glue, Soldering & Heat Guns
    Includes Metabo KE3000 (618121000) Glue Gun - 240v, Metabo H16-500 1600W Hot Air Gun with max 500 Degrees C 240v, Metabo HE 20-600 2000W Hot Air Gun with max 50-600 Degrees C 240v
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  • Impact Drills

    Impact Drills
    Includes Metabo SSW 650 (602204000) Impact Driver 240v, Metabo SB 18 LTX IMPULS (602192520) Cordless Impact Drill
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  • Light Duty Breakers

    Light Duty Breakers
    Includes Metabo MHE 5 (600688000) Chipping Hammer 110v
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  • Multi Function Tools

    Multi Function Tools
    Includes Metabo MT 18 LTX 18 Volt Cordless Multi-Tool - Body Only, Metabo MT 18 LTX Compact (613021510) Cordless Multi-Tool
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  • Other Angle Grinders

    Other Angle Grinders
    Includes Metabo W18LTX 150mm Cordless Angle Grinder 18v - Body Only
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  • Other Orbital Sanders

    Other Orbital Sanders
    Includes Metabo SRE 4351 TURBOTEC (611351380) Orbital Sander - 110v/240v
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  • Palm Sanders

    Palm Sanders
    Includes Metabo FSR200INTEC (600066500) Orbital Sander - 240v, Metabo FMS200 Intec 240V - 200W Palm Tri Sander
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  • Percussion Drills

    Percussion Drills
    Includes Metabo SBE710 Impact Drill 710W 240V/110V, Metabo SBE850-2 110V 850w SBE 850-2 Impact Drill in Case 110v, Metabo 110v/240v SBEV 1100-2 S Two Speed Impact Drill 1100w
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  • Planers & Thicknessers

    Planers & Thicknessers
    Includes Metabo HO0882 Planer + Metaloc Carry Case + Chip Bag - 240v/110v, Metabo HO18LTX 20-82 (602082890) Cordless Planner 18V
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  • Plaster Mixers & Stirrers

    Plaster Mixers & Stirrers
    Includes Metabo RW 18 LTX 120 Cordless Mixer with Charger (2 x 5.2Ah Batteries)
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  • Random Orbital Sanders

    Random Orbital Sanders
    Includes Metabo FSX200 INTEC (609225190) Random Orbital Sander - 240v, Metabo SXE3125 (600443000) Random Orbital Sander - 240v, Metabo SXE450 TURBOTEC (600129420) Random Orbital Sander - 240v/110v, Metabo SXE3150 (600444000) Random Orbital Sander - 240v
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  • Riveters

    Includes Metabo NP18LTXBL5.0 18V Li-ion Riveter Metaloc - Body Only, Metabo NP18LTXBL5.0 18V 2x4.0Ah LIHD Li-ion Riveter Metaloc Kit
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  • Screwdrivers

    Includes Metabo SE 18 LTX 4000 18V Cordless Screwdriver With Screwdriver Magazine SM 5-55 620048510
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  • Straight Grinders

    Straight Grinders
    Includes Metabo GE710 Compact Straight Grinder 240V, Metabo GE710L - 710W High Speed Straight Grinder 240v/110v
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  • Table Saws

    Table Saws
    Includes Metabo TKHS315M Site Saw 2500 Watts (110/240 Volt)
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  • Wall Chasers

    Wall Chasers
    Includes Metabo MFE40 125mm Wall Chaser 240v/110V
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  • Wet & Dry Dust Extractors

    Wet & Dry Dust Extractors
    Includes Metabo ASR25LSC (602024390) All-Purpose Vacuum Cleaner - 240v/110v, Metabo ASR35MACP All-Purpose Vacuum Cleaner 1400W with Measurement of Pressure Differentials 110V
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