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  • 115mm Angle Grinders

    115mm Angle Grinders
    Includes Panasonic EY4640LR1S31 14.4v Cordless Mini Grinder 115mm + 1 Lithium Ion Batteries 3.3Ah
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  • 125mm Angle Grinders

    125mm Angle Grinders
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  • 14.4 volt Combi Drills

    14.4 volt Combi Drills
    Includes Panasonic EY7940LZ2S31 14.4v Combi Drill - 13mm Keyless Chuck, Panasonic EY7940X 14.4v Combi Drill - 13mm Keyless Chuck, Panasonic EY7940X31 14.4v Cordless Lithium Ion Combi Hammer Drill Driver without Battery or Charger, Panasonic EY7549X32 14.4v Multi-Impact Wrench/Drill/Driver (Body Only)
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  • 14.4v Drill Drivers

    14.4v Drill Drivers
    Includes Panasonic EY7441LZ2S31 Drill Driver 14.4v - 13mm Keyless Chuck, Panasonic EY7441LR2S31 14.4v Cordless Drill Driver + 2 Lithium Ion Batteries 3.3Ah, Panasonic EY7940LR2S31 14.4v Cordless Combi Hammer Drill Driver + 2 Lithium Ion Batteries 3.3Ah, Panasonic EY7441X31 14.4v Cordless Lithium Ion Drill Driver without Battery or Charger, Panasonic EY7442X 14.4 Drill & Driver, Panasonic EY7549X31 14.4v Multi-Impact Drill Driver Bare Unit, Panasonic EY7443LS2S31 14.4v Cordless Auto Drill & Driver 2 x 4.2Ah Batteries, Panasonic EY7441LS2S31 14.4v Drill Driver Kit 2 x 4.2Ah
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  • 14.4v Impact Drivers

    14.4v Impact Drivers
    Includes Panasonic EY-7541 Cordless 14.4 Volt Impact Driver - 6.5mm Hex (Body Only), Panasonic EY75A1LR2F31 14.4v Impact Driver 2 x 3.3Ah Batteries, Panasonic EY75A7 Dual Volt 18v/14.4v Brushless Impact Driver Bare Unit (Body Only)
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  • 14.4v Impact Wrenches

    14.4v Impact Wrenches
    Includes Panasonic EY7547 LR2S31 Impact Wrench 14.4v IP, Panasonic EYC105LR31 14.4V inch TOUGH TOOL IP inch Drill/Driver & Impact Wrench Twin Pack (2x 3.3Ah Li-Ion), Panasonic EY75A2X32 14.4V / 18V Dual Voltage Impact Wrench (Body Only)
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  • 14.4v Jigsaws

    14.4v Jigsaws
    Includes Panasonic EY-4640-LZ1S 14.4v Mini Grinder, Panasonic EY4541LR1S 14.4v Jigsaw, Panasonic EY4541X31 14.4v Cordless Lithium Ion Compact Jigsaw without Battery or Charger, Panasonic EY4541LS1S 14.4v Cordless Jigsaw inc 4.2Ah Battery
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  • 165mm Circular Saws

    165mm Circular Saws
    Includes Panasonic EY45A2XM32 Dual Voltage Circular Saw Bare Unit, Panasonic EY45A2 XW32 Dual Voltage Circular Saw With Blade For Wood (Naked), Panasonic EY4542LS1M31 14.4V inch Tough Tool inch Circular Saw 1 x 4.2Ah Li-Ion, Panasonic EY45A2LJ2G31 18v 2x5.0Ah Li-ion Dual Voltage Circular Saw Kit
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  • 18 volt Combi Drills

    18 volt Combi Drills
    Includes Panasonic Cordless 18 Volt Combi Drill EY-6950-GQKW, Panasonic EY7450X 18v Combi Drill Keyless Chuck, Panasonic EY7950X 18v Combi Drill - 13mm Keyless Chuck, Panasonic EY7950LR2S31 18v Cordless Combi Drill Driver + 2 Lithium Ion Batteries 3.3Ah, Panasonic EY74A1X32 14.4V/18V Dual Voltage Drill Driver (Body Only)
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  • 18v Drill Drivers

    18v Drill Drivers
    Includes Panasonic EY7450LR2S31 18v Cordless Drill Driver + 2 Lithium Ion Batteries 3.3Ah, Panasonic EY78A1LS1G31 18v Rotary Hammer Drill & Driver 1x4.2Ah Battery, Panasonic EY74A1LS2G 18v/14.4v Dual Voltage 1/2 inch Drill Driver Kit 2 x 4.2Ah Batteries, Panasonic EY74A1LS3T 14.4V / 18V Dual Voltage Drill Driver- Black Edition (3 x 4.2Ah 18v Li-ion Batteries), Panasonic EYC217LJ2G31 18v 2x5.0Ah Combi Drill Impact Driver Twin Kit
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  • 18v Impact Drivers

    18v Impact Drivers
    Includes Panasonic EY7550X 18v Impact Driver - 6.5mm hex, Panasonic EY7550LR2S31 18v Cordless Impact Driver + 2 Lithium Ion Batteries 3.3Ah, Panasonic EY75A1LS2G31 18v Cordless Impact Driver 2 x 4.2Ah Li-ion
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  • 18v Impact Wrenches

    18v Impact Wrenches
    Includes Panasonic EY75A2LS2G31 18v Cordless Impact Wrench 2x4.2Ah Batteries, Panasonic EY7552LS2S31 18V Heavy-Duty Impact Wrench with Charger and 2 x 4.2Ah Lithium-Ion Batteries
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  • 18v Jigsaws

    18v Jigsaws
    Includes Panasonic EY4550X 18v Jigsaw
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  • 18v Reciprocating Saws

    18v Reciprocating Saws
    Includes Panasonic EY45A1LS1G 18v Reciprocating Saw 1x4.2Ah Battery, Panasonic EY45A1X Dual Voltage Reciprocating Saw Body Only
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  • Batteries

    Includes Spare Battery for the EY-3654-FQW Cordless Sealant Gun, PANASONIC EY9210 Power Tools Battery, Panasonic EY0L82B31 14.4v-28.8v Li-ion Charger (1.5Ah-4.2Ah), Panasonic EY9L10B 3.6V 1.5Ah Li-ion Battery, Panasonic EY9231B 15.6V 3.3Ah NiMH Battery - Type G, Panasonic EY9230B 15.6V 3.0Ah NiMH Battery - Type N, PANASONIC EY9L45B32 14.4v 4.2Ah Li-Ion battery
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  • Batteries & Chargers

    Batteries & Chargers
    Includes PANASONIC EY9201 Power Tools Battery ( Ni-MH, 12 V, 2200 mAh), Panasonic EY9L82B32 28.8v 3.0Ah Li-ion Battery
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  • Blowers

    Includes Panasonic EY37A1B32 14.4v / 18v Cordless Dust Blower (Without Battery and Charger)
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  • Chargers

    Includes Panasonic EY0110B Charger
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  • Circular Saw Blades

    Circular Saw Blades
    Includes PANASONIC EY9PM13E32 135mm BLADE FOR 14.4v / 15.6v Saw (Standard)
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  • Combo Packs

    Combo Packs
    Includes Panasonic EYC-150-GQKW 18v Twin pack, Panasonic EYC208LR2G31 18v Combi Drill + Impact Driver Kit 2x3.3Ah Batteries, Panasonic EYC208LS3T Cordless Combi Drill/Impact Driver Twinpack - Black Edition (3 x 18V 4.2Ah Li-ion Batteries), Panasonic EY78A1LS2F31 14.4v / 18v DV Hammer Drill & Driver :, Panasonic EY78A1LS3T 14.4V / 18V Dual Voltage Hammer Drill and Driver - Black Edition (3 x 4.2Ah 18V Li-ion batteries), Panasonic EY7940LE2S31 14.4v Combi Hammer Drill 2 x 1.5ah Li-ion and Torch, Panasonic EYC211LS2F31 14.4v Combi Drill & Impact Wrench Kit 2 x 4.2ah Batteries, Panasonic EYC211LR2F 14.4V inch TOUGH TOOL IP inch Drill Driver & Impact Driver Twin Pack 2 x 3.3Ah Li-Ion, Panasonic EYC210LR2F 14.4V inch TOUGH TOOL IP inch Drill Driver & Impact Driver Twin Pack 2 x 3.3Ah Li-Ion, Panasonic EYC207LS2F31 14.4v 4.2Ah Li-ion Combo kit ( 2 x 4.2Ah 14.4v Li-ion Batteries ), Panasonic EYC217LS2F31 14.4v/18v 2x4.2Ah Li-ion Combi Drill Impact Driver Kit, Panasonic EYC215LJ2G31 Cordless 18V Drill Driver / Impact Driver Twinpack (2 x 5.
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  • Impact Drills

    Impact Drills
    Includes Panasonic EY7549LS2S31 14.4v Multi-Impact Drill Driver 2x4.2Ah Batteries
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  • Lamps

    Includes PANASONIC EY37C3B32 14.4V/18V/21.6V LI-ION Led Flood Light (Body Only)
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  • Other Drill Drivers

    Other Drill Drivers
    Includes Panasonic EY6225CQ Cordless Multi Function Drill Driver (3.6 Volt), Panasonic EY74A1X Cordless 1/2 inch Drill & Driver with Dual Voltage Technology (Tool Body Only)
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  • Other Hammer Drills

    Other Hammer Drills
    Includes Panasonic EY7880X31 28.8V LI-ION SDS+ Drill - BARE UNIT, Panasonic EY7880LP2C31 28.8v SDS Rotary Hammer Drill Kit 2 x 3.0Ah
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  • Panasonic Blades

    Panasonic Blades
    Includes Panasonic Carbide Tipped Blade EY9PM17A (165mm Diameter), Panasonic Carbide Tipped Blade EY9PW17A (165mm Diameter)
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  • Screwdrivers

    Includes Panasonic EY-7410-LA2S31 Cordless 3.6 Volt Screwdriver 6.5mm (� inch ) Hex
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  • Sealant Guns

    Sealant Guns
    Includes Panasonic EY3640LR1S 14.4V Sealing Gun, Panasonic EY3641LS1S31 14.4v Cordless Sealing Gun 600ml + 1 Lithium Ion Battery 4.2ah, Panasonic EY3610LA1J 3.6V 400ml Cordless Sealant Gun 1 x 1.5Ah Li-Ion
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  • Vacuum Accessories

    Vacuum Accessories
    Includes Panasonic EY3743B32 14.4v Li-ion Dust Buster Vacuum Cleaner (Body Only)
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Panasonic Warranty

On all tools the warranty is 1 year extended to 3 years if registered.

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