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  • AC Mains Floodlights

    AC Mains Floodlights
    Includes Nightsearcher Ecostar Mains powered LED floodlight Range, NightSearcher SolarStar 10 Watt IP65 LED Solar PIR Floodlight, Nightsearcher Slimstar 10W LED Floodlight with PIR, Nightsearcher Slimstar 30W LED Floodlight, NightSearcher Hi-Star 150 Watt AC Mains LED High Bay Light, NightSearcher Hi-Star 200 Watt AC Mains LED High Bay Light, Nightsearcher MiniStar High Powered, AC Mains, Energy Efficient LED Floodlight, NightSearcher FastStar 10W Slimline Security Light, NightSearcher 10w LED Security Light with Motion Sensor, Nightsearcher WorkBrite 800 AC Work Light, NightSearcher 30w LED Security Light with Motion Sensor, NightSearcher Portable Atex Zone 2 + 22 AC Mains Floodlight, NightSearcher 50w LED Security Light with Motion Sensor, NightSearcher BeatLite AC Work Light with Bluetooth Speaker, NightSearcher FastStar 30W Slimline Security Light, NightSearcher FastStar 50W Slimline Security Light
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  • Accessories

    Includes Nightsearcher USB Rechargeable Beanie Light
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  • Chargers

    Includes Nightsearcher Spare Charger CHPuma-XML to suit Puma XML
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  • Floodlight Accessories

    Floodlight Accessories
    Includes Nightsearcher 1.7m Tripod to suit Galaxy Range, Spare Nightsearcher CH12V-4A Main Charger will suit Megastar, Nightsearcher BA12X38 Spare Battery to suit Megastar 38A/h, Nightsearcher SPTRIPOD3.5 Adjustable Tripod Stand 1.5 - 3.5m (SPTRIPOD3.5), NightSearcher 12V 24A/h Replacement Battery (MegaStar, Maxi, Solaris Solo/Duo)
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  • Floor Floodlights

    Floor Floodlights
    Includes NightSearcher WorkBrite 2500 Portable Work Light, Nightsearcher Galaxy 1000 Portable Area Light, Nightsearcher Galaxy 1500R Rechargeable Folding Li-ion Work Light, NightSearcher Galaxy 2000 LED Portable Rechargeable Floodlight, NightSearcher WorkBrite 1500 Portable Work Light, Nightsearcher Galaxy Mini-1000, NightSearcher WorkBrite 4000 Portable Work Light, Nightsearcher Wobblelight® JR
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  • Hi-Visibility Clothing

    Hi-Visibility Clothing
    Includes Nightsearcher Hi_Vis Vest with Light
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  • Lamps

    Includes NightSearcher I-Spector UV Rechargeable Inspection Lite with Base, NightSearcher I-Spector 700 Rechargeable Inspection Light, NightSearcher StarBlade Ultra Slim Rechargeable Inspection Light, NightSearcher RiteStar 400 CRI Rechargeable Inspection Light with Base, Nightsearcher Rechargeable LED Inspection Lamp
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  • LED Head Torches

    LED Head Torches
    Includes Nightsearcher 2in1 Dual function LED Flashlight / Head-torch, Nightsearcher HT180 Compact Head Torch (inc 3 x AAA Batteries + Shoulder Strap), Nightsearcher HT340R Compact Rechargeable Head Torch, Nightsearcher HT550 compact head torch with reactive distance sensor, Nightsearcher HT550R Rechargeable LED reactive distance sensor, Nightsearcher EXHT-180 Head Torch, Nightsearcher ZOOM 580R Rechargeable Spot-to-Flood Head Torch
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  • Other Floodlights

    Other Floodlights
    Includes Nightsearcher NSECOSTAR50-110V-TWIN Head LED Floodlight with Tripod, Nightsearcher ECOSTAR 110V LINKABLE High Powered Epistar LED Floodlight, NightSearcher EcoStar Watt IP65 LED Floodlight (110V or 240V), NightSearcher EcoStar IP65 LED Floodlight (110V-240V), NightSearcher Emergency Linear4500E Atex Zone 1 & 2 Light, NightSearcher Emergency Linear7000E Atex Zone 1 & 2 Light, NightSearcher Linear Atex Zone 1 & 2 Light, NightSearcher Linear7000 Atex Zone 1 & 2 Light
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  • Rechargeable Floodlights

    Rechargeable Floodlights
    Includes Nightsearcher Megastar LED Floodlight 38Ah SLA with Solaris 20k Head (Max 20,000 Lumens), Nightsearcher Megastar LED Floodlight 24Ah SLA with Solaris 20k Head (Max 20,000 Lumens), Nightsearcher Megastar LED Floodlight 38Ah SLA with Solaris 20k Head (Max 20,000 Lumens), NightSearcher StarStarter Battery Jump Starter & Portable Floodlight, Nightsearcher Solaris Maxi Floodlight c/w 24Ah SLA 20K LED Head (c/w Light, Powerpack, Ext Pole + AC Charger), Nightsearcher Solaris Maxi Floodlight c/w 38Ah SLA 20K LED Head (c/w Light, Powerpack, Ext Pole + AC Charger), NightSearcher Solaris Megastar Lite LED Portable Rechargeable Floodlight (20K) (Lithium-ion), Nightsearcher Solaris Duo 40K 50Ah Li-ion Floodlight (Max 40,000 Lumens), Nightsearcher Solaris Duo 40K 36Ah Li-ion Floodlight (Max 40,000 Lumens), NightSearcher Solaris Lite 20K Floodlight 18.2Ah Li-ion Battery (Max 20,000 lumens), NightSearcher Solaris Lite Li-ion 20K 36.2Ah Floodlight (Max 20,000 Lumens), NightSearcher RiteStar 700 CRI Rechargeable Work Light, Ni
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  • Rechargeable Lights

    Rechargeable Lights
    Includes Nightsearcher Solaris Lite 22Ah SLA 20K Lightweight and Portable LED Floodlight 20,000 Max Lumens (inc Light, Powerpack, 1.7m Ext Pole, AC Charger), Nightsearcher Tripod Pegs (set of 3)
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  • Road Lighting

    Road Lighting
    Includes Nightsearcher Pulsar LED Hazard Warning Lights (per 5 set), Nightsearcher PULSAR Single Emergency Rechargeable LED Hazard Light, NightSearcher PulsarPro Single, NightSearcher PulsarPro Emergency Rechargeable LED Hazard Lights (per 5 set), Nightsearcher Sequential Rechargeable Pulsar Pro Hazard Warning Lights
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  • Searchlights & Torches

    Searchlights & Torches
    Includes Nightsearcher NS TRACKER Rechargeable LED Flashlight, Nightsearcher SL1600 Professional Rechargeable Searchlight 1600 Lumens, Nightsearcher NSPANTHERLEDLITE Rechargeable Lightweight Searchlight c/w Mains Charger, Nightsearcher NSPUMACB Charging Base Option, Nightsearcher NSPANTHERHiD High Intensity Discharge Technology Searchlight, Nightsearcher NSTRIGGER LED Robust Rechargeable Spotlight (c/w AC,DC Chargers and Wrist Strap), Nightsearcher NSUVLED365 Rechargeable UV Flashlight, Nightsearcher NSTEC10 HiD Tec 10Underwater Lighting Systems, Nightsearcher SPPANSTORAGE Panther Storage Case, Nightsearcher SPPUMASTORAGE Puma Storage Case, Nightsearcher BIKESTAR2200high performance LED Bike Light with optimal focus reflector, Nightsearcher Spare CH12V-1A Main Charger will suit Panther LED, NightSearcher Panther XHP LED Rechargeable Searchlight (Lithium-ion), Nightsearcher Powerstar High Intensity 6-Mode Rechargeable Flashlight, Nightsearcher EX125 Non-Rechargeable Safety Approved LED Atex flashlight, Nightsearcher BI
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  • Spare Parts

    Spare Parts
    Includes Nightsearcher SP Megahead Spare Megastar Head, Nightsearcher spare M10 Handwheel (No 38)
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  • Tripod Floodlights

    Tripod Floodlights
    Includes Nightsearcher GALAXY6000 Floodlight 110v/240v, NightSearcher Launch Lite Collapsible Portable LED Floodlight, NightSearcher WorkBrite Pro 2500 Portable Work Light, Nightsearcher WorkBrite Connect 4000 AC Work Light with BS / EU Socket, Nightsearcher WorkBrite Connect 2500 AC Work Light with BS / EU Socket, Nightsearcher Towerstar LED Flood light With Collapsible Tripod
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  • Workshop Equipment

    Workshop Equipment
    Includes NightSearcher StarBooster Rechargeable LED Floodlight & Car Jump Booster
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Nightsearcher Warranty

All NightSearcher products have a 3-year standard warranty on all manufacturing defects and 1-year warranty on all rechargeable batteries from the date of purchase. See the Nightsearcher website for more information,

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