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Oaklands Plastics

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  • Barriers

    Includes Oaklands GB2 2m Road Safety Barrier, Oaklands Evo 80 1.2m x 800 Stackable Road Safety Barrier - Code EVO80, Oaklands Evo1 1m Evo Stackable Road Safety Barrier, Oaklands RB2000 Road Safety Barrier, Oaklands GB2 Mesh Panels, Oaklands Firmus - 2m Pedestrian Barrier System Orange, Oaklands Mirus Self-Weighted Barrier, Oaklands RB500 Rota-Barrier Track Barriers, Oaklands RB1500 Track, Road or Site Barrier, Oaklands RB1000 Track, Road or Site Barrier, Oaklands RB1300 Track, Road or Site Barrier, Oaklands Self Weighted Oak Log Barrier, Oaklands RB22 Crash Barrier, Oaklands 1.5 metre temporary works barrier, Oaklands Pedestrian Walk Through Barrier, Oakland Safety Goal Post System Complete - 2 Posts, 2 Metal Bases & Bunting
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  • Bins & Grit Bins

    Bins & Grit Bins
    Includes Oaklands Wheelie Bin with Round Top - 1100 litre capacity, Oaklands 285GBIN 10'Grit Bin, Oaklands 200GBIN 7' Grit Bin, Oaklands 169GBIN 6' Grit Bin, Oaklands 340GBIN 12' Grit Bin, Oaklands 3.5' Grit Bin, Oaklands Trojan Litter Bin - 100 Litre Capacity, Oaklands 240 Litre Standard Wheelie Bin, Oaklands 1100 Litre Flat Wheeled Bin, Oaklands Cesar Litter Bin - 120 Litre Capacity, Oaklands 140 Litre Wheelie Bin, Oaklands Centurion Litter Bin - 100 Litre Capacity, Oaklands Titus Waste Bin - 25 Litre (with or without lid), Oaklands 120 Litre Wheeled Bin, Oaklands 660 Litre Four Wheeled Bin - Includes Lid, Oaklands 770 Litre Wheelie Bin, Oaklands 360 Litre Standard Wheeled Bin, Oaklands Apollo Dog Waste Bin - 25 Litre Capacity
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  • Buckets & Lifting Baskets

    Buckets & Lifting Baskets
    Includes Oaklands RCFF Rubbish Chute Fixing Frame, Oaklands RCSE20 20 Inch Side Entry Rubbish Chute, Oaklands RCTH20 20 Inch Top Rubbish Chute, Oaklands RCST20 20 Inch Rubbish Chute
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  • Drum Carts & Stackers

    Drum Carts & Stackers
    Includes Oaklands 4 Drum Pallet Sump, Oaklands 2DrumSP 2 Drum Pallet Sump
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  • Funnels

    Includes Oaklands Drum Drip Funnel
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  • Mixing Tubs & Buckets

    Mixing Tubs & Buckets
    Includes 44 inch /111cm Strong Polythene Plasterers Bath
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  • Mortar Tubs

    Mortar Tubs
    Includes Crane / Fork Lift Mortar Tub - 250 Litre Capacity (Tested + Certified), Combi Fork Lift Base Mortar Tub � 300 Litre or 250 Litre, Top Fork Lift Mortar Tub - 250 Litre, Oaklands 250 Litre TS Twin Skin Mortar Tub, Oaklands 333 Litre Rota-Trolley inc castors, Oaklands 333 Litre Crane Lift Mortar Tub (Tested + Certified), Oaklands 150 Litre Euro Crane Lift Mortar Tub, Oaklands 450 Litre Heavy Duty Trolley With Lid, Oaklands 500 Litre Plastic Pallet Box, Oaklands 150 Litre Rota-Trolley inc castors, Oaklands 250 Litre Rota Trolley inc castors, Oaklands 333 Litre Skipping Tip inc Trolley and Tip Skip, Oaklands 500 Litre Heavy Duty Rota-Trolley inc castors, Oaklands 250 Litre Euro Crane Lift Tub (Tested + Certified)
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  • Ramps, Stands & Lifts

    Ramps, Stands & Lifts
    Includes Oaklands Speed Bump - Ramp 50mm x 500mm, Oaklands Speed Bump End Section 75mm, Oaklands Speed Bump End Section 50mm, Oaklands Speed Bump - Ramp 75mm x 500mm, Oaklands Kerb Ramp H100mm x W490mm x D300mm
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  • Salt & Snow Products

    Salt & Snow Products
    Includes Oaklands Salt Spreader - 18kg Capacity
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  • Site Equipment - Other

    Site Equipment - Other
    Includes Oaklands Grit/Salt Caddy Spreader 30kg Capacity
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  • Spill Trays & Drip Trays

    Spill Trays & Drip Trays
    Includes Oaklands Drum Drip Tray, Oaklands Drip Tray
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  • Tapes, Posts & Accessories

    Tapes, Posts & Accessories
    Includes Oaklands Rota-barrow, Oaklands Rota Block - Mini Fence Block, Oaklands Rota Block Large
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  • Temporary Road Signs

    Temporary Road Signs
    Includes Plastic Stop / Go Board 2040mm Height, Oaklands Highway Stop Works Barrier
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  • Water Butts & Carriers

    Water Butts & Carriers
    Includes Oaklands Plastic Water Butt - 200 litre capacity, Oaklands Bell Plastic Water Butt, Oaklands Victorian Gothic Design Water Butt, Oaklands Site Water Butt
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  • Work Platforms

    Work Platforms
    Includes Oaklands Builder's Step
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