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Hand Tools

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  • Automotive & Engineering Tools

    Automotive & Engineering Tools
    Includes Air, Gas & Oil Hoses, Air, Oil & Fuel Pumps, Axle Stands, Battery Maintenance, Bottle Jacks, Compressors, Engine & Workshop Cranes, Fuel Cans & Funnels, Grease Guns and Lamps.
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  • Builders Tools

    Builders Tools
    Includes Bolsters, Punches & Chisels, Crowbars & Wrecking Bars, Hand Saws, Hods & Trowels, Lasers & Levelling, Mallets & Hammers, Roofing & Tar Boilers, Scutches & Bradawls, Spades & Shovels and Staplers & Riveters.
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  • Electricians Tools

    Electricians Tools
    Includes Circuit Testers, Crimping Tools & Terminals, Multimeters and Wire Cutters & Strippers.
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  • Gardening Tools

    Gardening Tools
    Includes Axes & Log Splitters, Brushes & Rakes, Fencing Tools, Forks & Trowels, Hoses, Hose Reels & Hose Connectors, Picks & Mattocks, Shears, Secateurs & Loppers and Shovels & Spades.
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  • General Use Tools

    General Use Tools
    Includes Clamps & Vices, Fixing Tools, Hammers & Mallets, Hexagon Keys, Knives & Knife Blades, Pliers & Cutters, Screwdriver Sets, Screwdrivers, Sealant & Adhesive Tools and Shovels & Spades.
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  • On Site Tools

    On Site Tools
    Includes Canteen Equipment, Lasers & Levelling, Mattocks & Picks, Paper Shredders, Roofing & Tar Boilers and Spades & Shovels.
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  • Painters & Decorators Tools

    Painters & Decorators Tools
    Includes Grouters, Paint Brushes & Rollers, Scrapers and Scuttles & Pots.
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  • Plastering Tools

    Plastering Tools
    Includes Board Handling, Corner Mitres, Cornering Tools & Straight Edges, Drywall Jointing Tools, Jointing Knives, Miscellaneous Plastering Tools, Mixing Tubs & Buckets, Paddles & Whisks, Plastering Consumables and Plastering Hawks.
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  • Plumbers Tools

    Plumbers Tools
    Includes Drain Maintenance, Hydrant & Manhole Tools, Pipe Benders & Accessories, Pipe Wrenches, Temperature & Pressure Testing, Tube & Pipe Cutters and Water Pumps & Inflators.
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  • Specialist Brand Tools

    Specialist Brand Tools
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