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Armorgard Gorilla Gas Cage 1000x500�900, Modular, Bolt-together Gas Cage 1000x500x900

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Manufacturer: Armorgard

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Armorgard Gorilla Gas Cage 1000x500×900, Modular, Bolt-together Gas Cage 1000x500x900 (Includes Signage)

Code: GGC1

Weight: 40kg

External dimensions: 1000x500x900

Internal dimensions: 1000x500x900

Gorilla gas cage 1000x500x900, Unique, modular, bolt-together gas cage, designed for the safe storage of gas cylinders. Heavy-duty construction using 30mm box section and 3mm wire mesh maximising the strength and durability of the product. Comes with a hinged door and padlock facility for security. Has the facility for bolting the cages down to the ground, which is brilliant for a fixed installation requirement, providing extra security and stability. Comes complete with all fixings and relevant signage to comply with regulations on storing gas cylinders. Galvanised finish to sustain all weather conditions and provide maximum usability and durability. Modular design allows the cage to be erected quickly and it can be made to any required size. Can be easily dismantled when not in use and stored away tidily as individual panels.

Brand: Armorgard

Identifier: GGC1

Gas Bottle Storage Information

Published on Tue 9th April 2013 by M Macdonald

Small Storage / Display (up to 70kg)

  1. No more than five bottles should be allowed on display with total contents no more than 70kg.
  2. Bottles larger than 20kg should not be displayed in shops eg 47kg cylinders.
  3. If the shop is below residential premises then no more than 15kg should be stored/ displayed.
  4. No more than four bottles should be connected for demonstrating at any one time (total weight no more than 50kg).
  5. Do not display on staircases, near emergency exits or near to flammable materials.
  6. Bottles must be treated as FULL unless they are dummy bottles or have been certified as gas free. Only five cylinders are allowed - even if some of them are empty.

Storage up to 400KG

Quantities of LPG greater than those described above must be kept in a properly constructed store.

  1. The storage area should be at least 1m from a site boundary, building etc. unless a fire wall is provided.
  2. Only vehicles delivering LPG should be allowed within 1m of the storage area.
  3. No opening into buildings, cellars or pits should be within 2m of an LPG storage area.
  4. No flammable liquids, combustible, corrosive or oxidising material should be stored within 3m of an LPG store. Compressed oxygen must be kept 10m away from all flammable gases; these include propane, butane and dissolved acetylene.
  5. The area should be kept clear of weeds and rubbish.
  6. The storage of LPG should not hinder or endanger the means of escape from the premises.
  7. The extent of the storage area should be clearly marked and suitable notices displayed prominently (available from Flogas).
  8. Appropriate steps should be taken to prevent tampering and vandalism. In many cases it may be appropriate to enclose the storage area in a lockable cage.
  9. The same restrictions apply to empty cylinders as to full ones.

Storage above 400KG

For larger storage, other safety requirements exist, including the maintenance of a minimum separation distance between bottle storage and any boundary, building or fixed source of ignition. This is determined by the total amount of LPG stored and the size of the largest stack of bottles - whichever gives the greatest distance. In certain circumstances this separation distance may be reduced by the use of a radiation wall. By complying with these separation distances and other safety requirements, Flogas are able to store upwards of 200 tonnes of bottles at our filling terminals.

For further information on cylinder storage please consult the LPGA Code of Practice no.7, available from the LP Gas Association, or get in touch with the Flogas Technical Department.

Gas Bottles Sizes Available

If you need to work out how many bottles fit in the cages above please find below a list of some of the gas bottles available.

Cylinder Type/Size Height Diameter
Butane: 4.5kg 340mm 240mm
Butane: 6kg BBQ Gas 314mm 306mm
Butane: 7kg 495mm 256mm
Butane: 15kg 580mm 318mm
Propane: 3.9kg 340mm 240mm
Propane: 5kg Patio Gas® 314mm 306mm
Propane: 6kg 495mm 256mm
Propane: 13kg Patio Gas 580mm 315mm
Propane: 13kg 580mm 315mm
Propane: 19kg 800mm 315mm
Propane: 47kg 1290mm 375mm

Published on Tue 9th April 2013 by M Macdonald

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