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Azpects Easyjoint - 12.5 kg Tub

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Manufacturer: Azpects

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Azpects Easyjoint

12.5 kg Tub  - Colours Available: Mushroom, Stone Grey, Basalt and Jet Black

EASYJoint - the All Weather Paving Joint Filler for use with all types of paving. No specialist skills required. Suitable for amateurs or professionals alike, regardless of the weather conditions. No staining or marking. Sets hard. Eco friendly. Water permeable. Inhibits weed growth. Pressure washer safe. Unused product can be stored for later use. Unlimited shelf life.

revolution in the world of paving jointing methods

Extensively used throughout Northern Europe, Azpects' EASYJoint brings a whole new dimension to paving jointing in the UK. This is a totally unique product with  over the alternatives on the market such as Everbuild's Geofix, Bostik's Cementone Wide Jointing Compound, Geocel's Stayputt and Romex's Rompox range.

Rain or Shine - it goes in fine!

No longer do you have to wait for a break in the weather. EASYJoint is so versatile that it can be applied in virtually any weather condition imaginable. So, no matter if it is scorching hot, or a wet and cold winters day, you can get on with the job. And what's more, you don't have to protect your work from rain or frost after you've applied it!

Can it be used on all types of paving materials?

It can be used with almost every type of paving material that has a gap width of at least 3mm and 25mm deep. Natural stone flags or setts, concrete pavers, cobbles are all suitable for use with EASYJoint. Even the traditionally labour intensive task of jointing setts or crazy paving is a breeze!

It's so EASY to use, we called it EASYJoint

It really is so simple to use that we truly believe it to be foolproof. It comes with detailed instructions but the basics are so easy they are hardly necessary! 

So, how quick is it?

The answer is anything up to 15 or even 20 times faster than using conventional mortar joints. And it is quicker than most other jointing compounds too. Not being resin based it does not "stick" to the surface or your tools whilst applying it so it is much easier and lighter to work with. The water flushing-in process really speeds up the job too.

What makes it so different?

Here's the interesting part. Unlike many of the alternatives that have high levels of resins, EASYJoint made almost entirely from  ingredients direct from Mother Nature. The base material is silica sand combined with a cocktail of natural plant oils and extracts. As a result, it truly is environmentally friendly. Getting the cocktail of ingredients in the right proportions has taken years to perfect - but the end result is truly amazing - a natural product that provides a revolutionary result!

Unique Advantages of EASYJoint

  • Unlimited shelf life

    Guaranteed for life provided the container remains sealed. This is a tremendous advantage for both the end user and the stockist with no fear of the product going out of date.

  • Environmentally friendly

    A consideration that is becoming more and more important to discerning buyers. The product is made almost entirely from natural ingredients - it is so safe you could actually eat it! Other than feeling or being nauseous a healthy individual should suffer no lasting effects. If the instructions on disposal are heeded then this product poses no particular risks to the environment.

  • Can be applied in both wet and dry conditions

    This feature gives a massive advantage over all the competition. It can be laid in both extremely hot conditions or in the pouring rain - substantially increasing the flexibility of the user's operating time and season.

  • Can be applied in sub zero temperatures

    Whilst this might not be a pleasant experience it does mean the operator can joint his work even in the winter with no fear of frost damage either during or immediately after application. Opened but unused product can be stored for later use.

  • No wastage!

    Product left over from one job can be safely stored for later use. You can even retrieve any residue compound left on the paving - simply sweep it up and store it in accordance with the instructions on the tub.

Additional Key Points

  • Ready Mixed

    This feature overcomes the major negative of otherwise worthwhile alternative products such as Rompox Patio or the GftK vdw range which require mixing. EASYJoint achieves the same quality result (arguably better) but can safely be sold to the novice operator with no fear of failure due to incorrect usage. It also means that is faster to use - simply pour and spread.

  • Very Clean

    The product is very clean to use and even if it gets on your clothes or skin it can be washed off very easily (before it dries). It has the added advantage of not damaging tools - they too can simply be washed clean with a simple detergent such as washing-up liquid (unlike resin based products that will require a special cleaner to remove the residue).

  • 12.5Kg Tubs

    The product is extremely well packed in strong 12.5Kg tubs - ideal for stacking and easy for people to carry in one hand. The convenient size also means that the operator never pours out too much product to work with - a real consideration, particularly in hot weather.

  • Choice of Colours

    Four great colours to match any paving type or design - Stone Grey, Basalt and the newest addition to the range, Terracotta.

  • Frost Resistant

    As an oil based product it is not affected by even severely cold weather. Not only can it be laid in the frost, it can be safely stored without any special care or protection.

  • Suitable for both narrow and wide joints

    Operable in joints as narrow as 3mm, with no maximum width providing there is at least 25mm depth (preferred depth of 30mm). This provides much greater flexibility of use over pretty much all the other products on the market.

  • Flexible and Permanently Permeable Joint

    The compound sets very hard (can withstand domestic vehicle weights) but is slightly flexible allowing the paving to slightly settle or move without the joint failing. Being permanently permeable it safely meets environmental requirements.

  • Pressure Washer Resistant

    The joints reach their optimum strength about one month after completion. After this period they will withstand the rigours of a sensibly used domestic pressure washer with a fan type jet not closer than 10cm (4 inches) from the surface.



Brand: Azpects

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