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Correx ® Sheet Standard 8' x 4' (2.4m x 1.2m) - 6mm Thickness Correx Boards (per 10 pack)

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Manufacturer: DS Smith

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Correx Sheet Standard 8' x 4' (2.4m x 1.2m) - Correx Board 6mm Thickness (per 10 pack)

Product Information

  • Correx Sheet Standard 8' x 4' (2.4m x 1.2m) used as 6mm heavy protective sheeting - EXCEPTIONALLY HEAVY DUTY BOARDS FOR EXTREME APPLICATIONS.
  • Price is for a pack of 10 x 6mm correx sheets
  • Correx Sheeting is also available in translucent and this type of Correx (COR/FR6) is Fire Retardant to LPS 1207 standards
  • COR/B6 = 6mm Transluscent  Correx (per 10 sheets)
  • COR/FR6 = 6mm White Fire Rated Correx (per 10 sheets)
  • Supplied flat packed because of its thickness.
  • Actual sizes may be fractionally different than specified.

Please Note: Fire Retardent Correx sheets are ONLY available overprinted with the LPS1027 logo. Standard Correx also has the Correx logo printed along each sheet, should you require Correx WITHOUT logos please call us to confirm your order.

Available Sizes:

General Correx Information


Over the last 30 years Correx has replaced traditional materials like plywood and hardboard/masonite. Manufactured as an extruded polypropylene sheet, Correx is the original fluted protection board used on building and refurbishment contracts. The fluted construction provides strength and minimises weight.


Supplied either translucent (not completely clear) or black, Correx comes in a range of thicknesses and weights:


  • 1.22m x 2.44m

Standard Grades:

  • 2mm 270gsm
  • 3mm 350gsm
  • 4mm 700gsm
  • 6mm 1450gsm

Non-standard sizes, grades and colours are available on request, and where appropriate Correx can be manufactured to exact site requirements.

The Flame Retardant (FR) range extends from 270gsm to 1500 gsm and holds Certificate No. 227a Issue 11 of the LPS 1207 Standard.

NEW anti-static Correx protection board is also now available in 2.44 x 1.22m sheets, 4mm thick, and has been successfully used on a number of sites, including nuclear power. Please ask for details


  • Easily cut, curved or creased
  • Lightweight, and quick to position
  • Tough, durable and impact resistant
  • Non toxic and resistant to chemicals
  • Waterproof
  • Personalised print service available
  • Easy to handle and store on site

Over the last thirty years Correx has virtually replaced hardboard/masonite and has become the recognised protection material. It is used to protect doors, walls, stairs, floors, partitions, windows, bathrooms, columns, etc.

Correx can also be used to promote your Company with personalised printing.

Brand: DS Smith

Identifier: CORREX6mm

Product Document Download(s)

  Correx - The Protection Material

  Correx Health and Safety Data Sheet

How to order

Correx Protective Sheeting

Published on Thu 23rd May 2013 by M Macdonald


Corrugated plastic protector board / sheets commonly known as Correx, Anitnox, Cordek or Fluted Polypropylene, is a widely distributed product to a variety of industries and used for a range of purposes.

Because of this it has made it one of our best selling products and we have obtained great feedback from it.

Correx comes in the following sizes. Click on the relevant link if you want to buy some or see some specific product information.


Correx has the following properties making it so popular:

  • Water Resistant: Perfect for when used in roofing and insulation because of it's dual layers.
  • Recyclable: It's made from polypropylene plastic making it easily re-cyclable helping our environment.
  • Ideal for Packaging: Because of it's flat surfaces it is easily printable making it ideal for signs or logo displays.
  • High Tensile Strength: Because of it's layered design it is immensely strong and can with hold extreme weight or pressure.
  • Flexible: It can be bended and manipulated to fit around curves with, obviously, the thinest being the easiest to bend.
  • Durable: It is very easy to resize with the aid of a simple cutting knife making it easy to fit into any size place.

Usage / Applications

Correx has been known to be used in all sorts of funny strange places and because it supports many purposes will continue to be a useful product to keep in stock ready for such problems.

Some popular uses for correx sheeting are using them in roofing / insulation jobs where additional layers of strength and resistance are required. Often, as correx is so durable and cost effective, it is used as a temporary layer while construction around it continues and removed after completion. Another use is for protection of flooring where work is being carried out, say for example, in the inside of a house where the flooring / carpet needs to be protected. This can of course be applied to walls and can also be used in the garden for similar purposes.

While correx is strong enough for permanent fixtures it can also be re-used again and again.

Thinking of Ordering?

If your thinking of ordering and are unsure if it suitable for your needs then you can always call us on the number at the top of the site or contact us using our contact form and we will be happy to help you in any way possible.

Available Sheets Types and Thicknesses

Thickness Colour Fire Retardent Logo Availability
2mm Black No No Click here to order
2mm Translucent Yes Yes (on 1 side) Click here to order
2mm Translucent No No Contact us
2mm White Yes Yes (on 1 side) Contact us
3mm Black No No Click here to order
3mm Translucent Yes Yes (on 1 side) Click here to order
3mm Translucent No No Contact us
3mm White Yes Yes (on 1 side) Contact us
4mm Black No No Click here to order
4mm Translucent Yes Yes (on 1 side) Click here to order
4mm Translucent No No Click here to order
4mm White Yes Yes (on 1 side) Contact us
6mm Translucent No No Click here to order
6mm White Yes Yes (on 1 side) Click here to order

When we are packing it, we roll the correx sheeting rather than folding it to maintain it's flat form upon arrival. This keeps it in it's best possible form and preserves all of it's many properties.

Published on Thu 23rd May 2013 by M Macdonald

Correx ® Sheet Standard 8' x 4' (2.4m x 1.2m) - 6mm Thickness Correx Boards (per 10 pack)” By on Fri 26th October 2018


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Sheet Colour

Option Price Difference
Transluscent none
White (Fire Retardant) - (out of stock) 35.50