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  • Blowers

    Includes Ryobi RGBV 3100 Petrol Leaf Blower / Vacuum with Mulching, Makita UB1101 Electric Dust Blower (110/240 Volt), Makita 4014NV Electric Dust Blower (240 Volt / 110 volt), Makita RBL250 Handheld Petrol Blower, Ryobi PBV 30 Petrol Blow Vac with Mulching - 30cc, Makita BHX2500 Petrol Garden Blower - 4 Stroke, Makita BBX7600 4-Stroke Petrol Backpack Blower, Makita UB140DWB 14.4 Volt Electric Dust Blower (Body Only), Ryobi OBL 1801 Cordless 18 Volt Blower (Body Only) and Ryobi RBV 2200 Leaf Blower / Vacuum (240 Volt Only).
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  • Chainsaws & Shredders

    Chainsaws & Shredders
    Includes Ryobi ECW 1841 Electric Chain Saw (16 inch ) (240 Volt Only), Ryobi PCN 3335 Petrol Chain Saw 33cc (14 inch Bar Length), Ryobi RCS4040C 40cc Petrol Chainsaw (450mm / 16 inch ), Ryobi RGS 1500 Electric Mulching Shredder 1,600 Watt (240 Volt Only), Ryobi RSH2400R 2400 Watt Electric Impact Shredder Mulcher (240 Volt Only), Black and Decker Chainsaw GK1630TK (240 Volt Only), Black and Decker Chainsaw GK1635TK (240 Volt Only), Makita UC3530 Electric Chainsaw 1800 Watts (110/240 Volt), Makita UC4030 Electric Chainsaw - 1800 Watts (110/240 Volt) and Makita DCS3410TH Petrol 2 Stroke Chainsaw (35cm Bar / 34cc).
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  • Earth Augers

    Earth Augers
    Includes Auger Bit to Suit The Hitachi DA200E Petrol Driven Auger, Clarke CHT664 Post Hole Drill, P1PE P5200EA 52cc Petrol Earth Auger Easy Recoil Start c/w 100mm, 150mm + 200mm Drills, HoldOn HN00041 Rammer (Each), Clarke CHT671 Ground Spike, HoldOn HN00044 Post Hole Digger (Each), Hyundai HYEA5080 51 cc Petrol Earth Auger (includes safety kit and 3 drills - 100mm, 150mm and 200mm), Sherpa Petrol Earth Auger Post Hole Digger Kit 52cc - Code STGD520, Sherpa Extension Pole for Earth Auger - 60cm, Clarke CEA150 Electric Earth Auger With 150mm Bit
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  • Garden Sprayers

    Garden Sprayers
    Includes Clarke HSP2 2 Litre Hand Sprayer, Clarke 5LS 5L Manual Hand Sprayer - Code 3402264, Sherpa Deluxe 16 Litre Powered Knapsack Multi Sprayer - Code SXMD16E, Clarke 12LST Manual Trolley Sprayer - Code 3402235, Clarke PHS8B 8 Litre Hand Garden Pump, Clarke HSP8 8 Litre Hand Sprayer, Clarke PHS8 8 Litre Hand Sprayer, Clarke 2LS 2L Manual Hand Sprayer - Code 3402262
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  • Garden Trolleys & Barrows

    Garden Trolleys & Barrows
    Includes Makita UH480DW 14.4V Hedge Trimmer, Clarke PUC1010 - Pop Up Canopy (Straight Legs), Clarke FKE12 Electric Insect Killer 12W, Sherpa Poly Tipping Garden Cart - Code STPD, Sherpa Complete Battery Pack in Casing for Power Barrow, Sherpa Large Garden Trolley Cart (Including Free Liner + Puncture Proof Tyres) - Code SLGT2, Hyundai HYM510SPER Self Propelled Electric Push Button Start 173cc 4 in 1 Petrol Roller Lawn Mower, Oaklands Rota-barrow, Sherpa Deluxe 52cc Wheeled Grass Trimmer - Jungle Buster - Code STWT52, Viking GE105 2.2kw Electric Garden Shredder
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  • Lawnmowers

    Includes Black and Decker GD300 Lawn Raker (240 Volt Only), Garden Master GMSP21 Self Propeled Lawn Mower (Honda Petrol Engine), Makita PLM4101 Petrol Lawn Mower 410mm Cut Width (3.5hp 4 Stroke Engine), Makita Heavy Duty Petrol Lawn Mower, Makita Petrol Lawn Mower, Makita Electric Lawn Mower, Makita PLM4110 4-Stroke 158cc Petrol Lawn Mower complete with 50 Litre Collection Box, CORDLESS LAWN MOWER 380MM, 800W LAWN MOWER 300MM and CLM16SP 16 inch Petrol Driven Lawn Mower.
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  • Log Splitters

    Log Splitters
    Includes Hyundai HYLS4000H 1500w 4 Ton Horizontal Electric Log Splitter, Hyundai HYLS7000H 2200w 7 Ton Horizontal Electric Log Splitter, Hyundai HYLS25000T 25 Tonne Trailed Petrol Powered Log Splitter 210cc 7hp Engine, Hyundai HYLS7000V 3000w 7 Ton Vertical Electric Log Splitter
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  • Multi-Tools

    Includes Hyundai HYTR2650 Petrol Bent Shaft Grass Trimmer c/w Split Shaft, Hyundai HYPS33 33cc Petrol Pole Saw, P1PE P5200MT 52cc Petrol Garden Multi-Tool inc Easy Recoil Start, Easy Feed Trimmer Head + 1m Extension, Hyundai HYMT5200 52cc Petrol Garden 5 in 1 Multi Function Tool
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  • Other Garden Equipment

    Other Garden Equipment
    Includes Clarke FP12 12 Litre Fruit Press, Clarke CC1020 3 In 1 Garden Canopy, Lumag GF450 Petrol Trencher (450mm Max Depth) - Code GF450, Clarke CRS400 Rotary Soil Sieve, Clarke FP6B - Heavy Duty Fruit Press, Lumag GF800 Petrol Trencher (600mm Max Depth) - Code GF800, Clarke GBT1 Grass & Weed Burner, Sherpa Professional Gas Weed Burner and Trolley Kit - Code STJH-1711, Lumag WKB300 Petrol Weed Scrubber / Brush Cutter - Code WKB300, Clarke Post Hole Digger
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  • Strimmers & Trimmers

    Strimmers & Trimmers
    Includes Ryobi PBC 5043 M Petrol (50cc) Brush Cutter, Ryobi PBC 3020 YE Petrol (30cc) Brush Cutter, Ryobi PBC 3046 YB Petrol (30cc) Brush Cutter, Ryobi RLT 254 SFC Professional Petrol Line Trimmer (25.4cc), Ryobi ELT 4235 Electric Line Trimmer (240 Volt Only), Ryobi PLT 2543 Y Petrol Line Trimmer, Ryobi AHF 03 Expand It Hedge Trimmer Attachment for Ryobi Brush Cutters and Line Trimmers, Ryobi APR 02 + AEX03 Expand It Pruner Attachments for Ryobi Brush Cutters and Line Trimmers, Ryobi AQTT 03 Expand It Tiller Attachment for Ryobi Brush Cutters and Line Trimmers and Ryobi AED 04 Expand It - Edger attachment for Ryobi Brush Cutters and Line Trimmers.
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  • Stump Grinders

    Stump Grinders
    Includes Garden Master GMSG Stump Grinder (9 HP Honda Engine), Hyundai HYSG150-2 14hp 390cc Petrol 4-Stroke Stump Grinder inc Recoil Start + 9 Tungsten Carbide Teeth Blade, Lumag BSF15 Petrol Stump Grinder - Code BSF-15, Lumag Set of Three Teeth for Lumag BSF15 Stump Grinder - Code 3BSF15678
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  • Tillers & Cultivators

    Tillers & Cultivators
    Includes P1PE P140TE 139cc 2.5kW 4-Stroke Electric Start Petrol Garden Tiller, Cultivator, Rotovator & Rototiller, Garden Master Pro GMC9 - 9hp Cultivator, Garden Master - Turf Cutter GMTC 2 (Honda Petrol Engine), Makita UK360DWB 36V LXT Li-ion Cultivator (1 x 2.2Ah Li-ion Battery), Sherpa Deluxe Electric Tiller Cultivator 1300w - Code STET1300, P1PE P140T 139cc 2.5kW 4-Stroke Petrol Garden Tiller & Cultivator, Hyundai HYT140 2.5kW 139cc 4-Stroke Petrol Garden Tiller & Cultivator, The Garden Master GMPA Lawn Aerator (4 HP Honda Engine)
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  • Wood Chippers

    Wood Chippers
    Includes Hyundai HYCH7070 6.6hp Wood Chipper, Hyundai HYCH1500E-2 420cc Petrol 4-Stroke Wood Electronic Start Chipper/Shredder/Mulcher (14hp, Electric Start), Lumag RAMBO HC15 120mm Professional Petrol Wood Chipper - Code RAMBOHC15, Lumag RAMBO HC10 100mm Petrol Wood Chipper - Code RAMBOHC10, Hyundai HYCH7070E-2 208cc Electronic Start Petrol Wood Chipper Shredder Mulcher
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