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Automotive Equipment

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  • Air, Gas & Oil Hoses

    Air, Gas & Oil Hoses
    Includes Hose Reel Kit for PC3455, Air Leader Hose 600mm x ?8mm with Tail Piece & 1/4?BSP Union, Air Leader Hose 600mm x ?10mm with Tail Piece & 1/4?BSP Union, Retractable Oil Hose Reel Set with Digital End Meter 10mtr, Combination Air/Vacuum Hose, Vacuum Hose 5mtr x 28mm for DFS31A, DFS91A, Exhaust Fume Extractor with 6mtr Hose, Rubber & Reinforced Hose Cutter ?3-25mm Die Cast Alloy, Hose Reel Kit for PC1853, PC2003 and HVLP Pressure Pot System with Gun & Hoses 1.7mm Set-Up.
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  • Air, Oil & Fuel Pumps

    Air, Oil & Fuel Pumps
    Includes Low Voltage Submersible Transfer Pump 24V, Oil Drain Plug Key Set 6pc Double End, Oil Drain Plug Key Set 12pc, Oil/Fluid Drain Pan 8ltr, Oil/Fluid Drain Pan 7.6ltr, Oil/Fluid Drain Pan 17ltr, Antifreeze/Fluid Drain Pan 17ltr, Oil/Fluid Drain & Recycle Container 16ltr, Oil/Fluid Drain & Recycle Container 5ltr and Oil/Fluid Drain & Recycle Container 10ltr.
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  • Axle Stands

    Axle Stands
    Includes Axle Stands 7tonne Capacity per Stand 14tonne per Pair Short, Rear Axle Bush Removal Tool Set - BMW (E36, E46) - 3 Series, Mobile Axle Stand 20tonne, 3-Ton Axle Stands, CAX 6TBC 6 Ton Axle Stands, Axle Stands 10tonne Capacity per Stand 20tonne per Pair, Axle Stands 12tonne Capacity per Stand 24tonne per Pair, Axle Stands 15tonne Capacity per Stand 30tonne per Pair, Axle Stands 2tonne Capacity per Stand 4tonne per Pair GS/TUV Folding Type and Axle Stands 2.5tonne Capacity per Stand 5tonne per Pair.
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  • Battery Maintenance

    Battery Maintenance
    Includes Quality Rechargeable Torch with Battery & Charger, Black and Decker BDV030 12 Volt Battery Booster Dual Voltage (12 Volt & 240 Volt), Black and Decker BDV1084 Battery Charger (240 Volt Only), Bosch GLI 24 Volt Cordless Torch Without Battery or Charger, Bosch GML24VCD Professional Bosch Powerbox Radio/Charger With Remote Control, Booster Cables 2.5mtr 160Amp 10mm?, Booster Cables 3.0mtr 300Amp 16mm?, Booster Cables 3.5mtr 600Amp 25mm?, Booster Cables 5.0mtr 600Amp 25mm? and Booster Cables 5.0mtr 600Amp 25mm? Heavy-Duty Clamps.
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  • Bottle Jacks

    Bottle Jacks
    Includes 10-Tonne Bottle Jack, 12-Tonne Bottle Jack, 20-Tonne Bottle Jack, 8-Tonne Bottle Jack, 2-Tonne Bottle Jack, 4-Tonne Bottle Jack, 6-Tonne Bottle Jack, Bottle Jack Premier 12tonne Manual/Air Hydraulic, Bottle Jack Premier 1.5tonne and Bottle Jack Premier 2tonne.
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  • Compressors

    Includes Mini Air Brush Compressor, Coil Spring Compressor 3pc with Safety Hooks, Coil Spring Compressor 2pc, Coil Spring Compressor Kit 1500kg, Coil Spring Compressor Kit 2250kg, Valve Spring Compressor - Ford CVH, Valve Spring Compressor OHV, Valve Spring Compressor OHC/OHV/CVH, Valve Spring Compressor Multi Valve and Piston Ring Compressor 75mm ?53-125mm.
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  • Engine & Workshop Cranes

    Engine & Workshop Cranes
    Includes Engine Support Beam & Engine Stand Combination, Folding Crane 1tonne National, Folding Crane 2tonne National, CBT10 10-Ton Tilting Body Straightener, CES 500A Engine Stand, CES 750A Engine Stand, 1 Tonne Folding Workshop Crane - CFC100, CFC1000 1-T. Econ. Folding Workshop Crane, CFC1000LR 1T. Long Reach Workshop Crane and CFC500F ?-Tonne Folding Workshop Crane.
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  • Fuel Cans & Funnels

    Fuel Cans & Funnels
    Includes Plastic Fuel Can, Red Steel Fuel Can, Steel Jerry Can with Clip-on Flexible Spout, Plastic Tractor Funnel, Small Round Plastic Funnel, Funnel Small 120mm, Funnel with Flexi Spout & Filter Medium 160mm, Funnel Medium 200mm with Filter, Funnel Large 250mm with Filter and Funnel Set 3pc.
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  • Grease Guns

    Grease Guns
    Includes Lever Operated Grease Gun, LEVER PATTERN GREASE GUN, PISTOL TYPE GREASE GUN, Side Lever Grease Gun 3-Way Fill Heavy-Duty, Side Lever Grease Gun 3-Way Fill, Pistol Type Grease Gun 1-Way Fill, Air Operated Grease Gun Pistol Type, Mini Grease Gun, Cordless Grease Gun 12V and Grease Gun Adaptor Kit 7pc.
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  • Lamps

    Includes Universal Clip Suitable for Lead Lamps, Lead Lamp with Gripper 100W/230V, Energy Saving Lead Lamp 11W/230V, Energy Saving Lead Lamp 11W/12V, Energy Saving Lead Lamp 13W/12V with On/Off Switch, Lead Lamp 24W/12V with 7.25mtr Cable & Battery Clips, Lead Lamp & Transformer Kit 1 x 24W/12V, Lead Lamp 24W/12V with 7.25mtr Cable, Lead Lamp 24W/12V with 7.5mtr Cable & Battery Clips and Lead Lamp 24W/12V with 7.5mtr Cable.
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  • Oil Cans

    Oil Cans
    Includes Hydraulic Jack Oil 5ltr Pack of 4, Hydraulic Jack Oil 500ml Pack of 12, Hydraulic Jack Oil 500ml, Hydraulic Jack Oil 5ltr, Metal Oil Can Flexi Spout 500ml, Metal Oil Can Flexi Spout 1000ml, Oily Waste Can 22.7ltr, Oily Waste Can 53ltr, Oil Can 180ml and 1 Litre Hydraulic Oil.
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  • Pipe Products

    Pipe Products
    Includes CHT264 3 in 1 Automotive Pipe Bender, CHT401 - 2-in-1 Pipe Bender and CHV12 12-Ton Hydraulic Pipe Bender.
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  • Ratchets & Strap Ratchets

    Ratchets & Strap Ratchets
    Includes ? inch Square Drive Reversible Ratchet, Gearless Ratchet 1/4?Sq Drive, Gearless Ratchet 3/8?Sq Drive, Gearless Ratchet 1/2?Sq Drive, Stubby Gearless Ratchet 1/4?Sq Drive, Stubby Gearless Ratchet 3/8?Sq Drive, Ratchet T-Handle TRX-Star Socket Set 10pc, Ratchet Tie Down 2pc 25mm x 5mtr Polyester Webbing 800kg Load Test, Ratchet Tie Down 1pc 50mm x 9mtr Polyester Webbing 5000kg Load Test and Ratchet Tie Down 1pc 35mm x 6mtr Polyester Webbing 2000kg Load Test.
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  • Slide Hammers

    Slide Hammers
    Includes SLIDE HAMMER FOR 174 CLUTCH KI, Slide Hammer Kit 9pc, Slide Hammer Kit in Blow Mould Case 9pc, Slide Hammer/Puller Set 10pc, Slide Hammer Gear/Bearing Puller Set 5pc, Stud Welder with Slide Hammer, Slide Hammer Prybar Angled 700mm Heavy-Duty, BMW Slide Hammer/Hub Puller and CHT251 10-Pce Slide Hammer / Puller Set.
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  • Sockets, Socket Parts & Socket Sets

    Sockets, Socket Parts & Socket Sets
    Includes Individual Sockets, Socket Parts, Socket Sets and Wobble Bars.
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  • Testing Equipment

    Testing Equipment
    Includes Oil Pressure Test Kit, Scaffold Tie Test Tag (pack 50), Mains Tester 140mm 230V, Mains Tester 190mm 230V, Euro Voltage Tester 140mm 125-230V, Euro Voltage Tester 180mm 125-230V, Battery/Alternator Tester 12V LED, Battery/Alternator Tester 12V LED with Crocodile Clips, Antifreeze Tester Dial Type and Battery Fluid Tester Dial Type.
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  • Transmission Jacks

    Transmission Jacks
    Includes Transmission Jack Yankee 0.5tonne Vertical Telescopic, ? Ton H/D 2-Stage Transmission Jack, ? Ton Transmission Jack, ? Ton Transmission Jack, Heavy-Duty Transmission Jack Head, Transmission Jack Premier Viking 1tonne Vertical, Transmission Jack Yankee 1tonne Floor, Saddle, Transmission Jack for 500GTA, 600TR, 600TRQ & 800GTA, Transmission Jack Yankee 1.25tonne Vertical and Transmission Jack Yankee 1.5tonne Floor.
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  • Trolley Jacks

    Trolley Jacks
    Includes Trolley Jack Premier Viking 1.5tonne High Lift, Trolley Jack Premier Viking 5tonne High Lift, Trolley Jack Premier Viking 2tonne High Lift, Trolley Jack Premier Viking 2tonne Long Reach, Trolley Jack Premier Viking 2tonne Low Entry, Trolley Jack Premier Viking 3tonne High Lift, Trolley Jack Premier Viking 10tonne Long Reach, Trolley Jack Premier Viking 3tonne Long Reach, Trolley Jack Premier 5tonne Long Reach Super Rocket Lift and Air Operated Trolley Jack Yankee 20tonne.
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  • Welding Tools & Gas Torches

    Welding Tools & Gas Torches
    Includes 738 Standard Blowlamp with Cartridge, Butane / Propane Refill (185g), Butane / Propane Refill (284g), Quality Mapp Gas Blow Torch, Mapp Gas Cylinder (16oz), Professional Gas/No-Gas MIG Welder 250Amp with Euro Torch, Arc Welder 200Amp with Accessory Kit, Professional MIG Welder 450Amp 400/440V, Professional MIG Welder 180Amp 230V and Stud Welder Kit for E/Spot Range.
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  • Workshop Equipment

    Workshop Equipment
    Includes Jobox (676996) Heavy Duty 4 Drawer Rolling Workbench (43 inch x 26 inch x 38 inch ), Jobox (675996) Heavy Duty 2 Drawer Rolling Workbench (43 inch x 38 inch x 26 inch ), Jobox (677990) Heavy Duty 2 Cupboard Rolling Workbench (49 inch x 26 inch x 40 inch ), Workbench with 2 Drawers Heavy-Duty, Workbench Mobile Steel with Hardwood Top, Workbench Steel 1mtr with 1 Drawer, Workbench Steel 1.5mtr with 1 Drawer, Workbench Steel 2mtr with 1 Drawer, Workbench 1.5mtr Steel Wooden Top and Workbench 2mtr Steel Wooden Top.
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