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PLS HVR505R Mid Range Red Beam Internal/External Rotary Laser Full Kit

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Manufacturer: Topcon

Warranty: 3 year warranty

The warranty for all PLS tools is 3 years, as long as there is no physical damage, broken glass etc. Please contact us for more information.

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PLS HVR505R Mid Range Red Beam Internal/External Rotary Laser Full Kit - Code PLS 60577

  • The PLS HVR-505R is an automatic-leveling horizontal/vertical rotary construction laser
  • When we say "horizontal/vertical", we mean you can lay this laser on it's side and use it vertically as well
  • When used on it's side, the rotary laser beam produces a vertical plumb reference line
  • The HVR505R has capabilities of dual manual slope which means you can use it to do grade (realize that this is outside of the automatic-leveling mode)
  • The HVR-505R has both a plumb-up and a plumb-down beam, as well as its rotary level beam
  • The plumb-up and plumb-down produce a "dot" on the ceiling and "dot" on the floor, which is directly plumb up and down from the rotary level beam
  • Has both plumb up and a plumb down
  • Dual slope capability
  • Out-of-Level Sensor Alarm


  • Variable Rotation: 0 - 60rpm / 120 - 600rpm
  • Accuracy: 1/8" @ 100'
  • Range: 500' (if using detector)
  • Usage: Indoor & Outdoor 
  • Batteries: NiCad
  • Laser: Class II 
  • Thread Size: 5/8 x 11 
  • 3 Year Manufacturers Warranty

Supplied With

Laser Detector (required if you're going to work outdoors), Detector Clamp, Remote Control, Wall Mount, 2 Targets, NiCad Batteries & Recharger, Carry Case, 3 Year Manufacturers Warranty, Operating Manual

Brand: Topcon

Identifier: PLS-60577

PLS Pacific Laser Systems

Published on Thu 28th August 2014 by D Courtney

PLS laser tools are designed to be a career purchase with a lifetime of profit and productivity. 


General, new residential and remodeling contractors will appreciate the simple set up and accurate layout for basements, concrete slab and decks.


Commercial and remodeling contractors will save layout time, verify existing conditions and improve installation for electrical, HVAC, tile, glazing, staging and more.


Multi story commercial, light industrial, drywall, masonry and tilt-up will realize labor efficiencies, while reducing compound errors and rework.



PLS are dedicated to designing career laser tools for a lifetime of increased productivity and profit. Fast, accurate and portable, PLS lasers save time and money when your bubble vial level or rotary laser is
too limited or too cumbersome to do the job. When a rotary laser is required for long-midrange vertical and horizontal layout, then our PLS HR or HLE 1000 and PLS HVR 505 will tackle most projects. Compare the advantages of using a PLS laser to traditional methods you now employ.

When comparing PLS laser tools look for these quality features:

1. Beam quality will be bright, small and crisp.
2. Dampening will be quick and stable. The beams will not bounce around.
3. The tools will be self-leveling, easy to use and efficient.

PLS5, PLS4, PLS3, PLS180, PLS360 and PLS90 lasers are designed, calibrated, and assembled in the USA. The PLS HVR, HR, HLE and FT lasers are made for PLS in Asia.


What sets PLS Pacific Laser Systems apart from the rest? Built by contractors for contractors, PLS tools were developed out of necessity by professionals with over 50 years of experience in commercial and residential interior and exterior layout. PLS founders were contractors first before becoming manufacturers of the finest laser alignment tools in the world.



No more plumb bobs in the wind. Lay out and install track and studs for commercial or residential projects. Use PLS90 to project 90 degree angles in a fraction of the time. No more 3-4-5. Indoor - outdoor application means greater utility and value for your purchase.


Use the PLS reference plumb points to determine where each light is to be installed. How long would it take you to lay out 50 lights in a vaulted ceiling with two people and a plumb bob?


Setting up foundations on a slope is always a challenge. Place your PLS90 on the corner of your layout and pull reference points forward and to the side for labor saving layout. Interior walls, stairways, cabinetry, skylights, windows and more can be aligned quickly and accurately with a PLS laser.


For commercial HVAC, PLS will speed vertical and level layout. Manipulate plumb, level, and square reference anywhere on the job site, regardless of obstacles or weather conditions.


The PLS360 and 505 rotary laser makes layout and installation of acoustic ceilings fast and simple.


The range, versatility and accuracy of our lasers make them ideal tools for checking elevations, setting large pads, leveling forms, square on slope and footings.


For ceramic tile contractors who install both walls and floors, get the PLS FT 90 combo pack which includes the PLS 2 cross line laser with magnetic wall bracket. Speed the installation of ceramic tile by following crisp and accurate lines on the floor. Eliminate costly mistakes and compound errors by establishing 90 degree (square) floor layout with bright laser lines from the durable cast aluminum FT 90.

Published on Thu 28th August 2014 by D Courtney

PLS HVR505R Mid Range Red Beam Internal/External Rotary Laser Full Kit” By on Wed 4th May 2016


The large parcel was delivered when promised, in good condition and my phone call was dealt with politely and efficiently. Excellent.

PLS HVR505R Mid Range Red Beam Internal/External Rotary Laser Full Kit” By on Sat 31st May 2014


The product was exactly as described and although a tad complex to use at first you soon get the hang of it and can be used outdoors really too.

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Warranty Information

The warranty for all PLS tools is 3 years, as long as there is no physical damage, broken glass etc. Please contact us for more information.

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