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PPE & Workwear

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  • DeltaGroup Workwear

    DeltaGroup Workwear
    DeltaPlus GREY/YELL D-MACH BERMUDA - C071 - Grey / Yellow, DeltaPlus WHITE KNITT GL PU COAT - C014 - White, DeltaPlus BOX 100 POLYETHYLENE GLOVE - C175 - Transparent, DeltaPlus ANTI-COMPRESSION STRAPS - C148 - Red, DeltaPlus 2.02.011-07 VECUT42GR07 - C079 - Grey, DeltaPlus LATEX COTTON LINING GLOVE - C191 - Green, DeltaPlus MILTON PARKA BLACK - C133 - Black, DeltaPlus COWHIDE GRAIN GLOVE - C210 - Beige, DeltaPlus RICHMOND S1 S1 LOW SHOES - C133 - Black, DeltaPlus GREY/BLACK MACHSPIRIT OVER - C074 - Grey / Black
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  • Ear Protection

    Ear Protection
    Includes MSA Supreme Basic Ear Defenders (Headband Fitting), MSA Left/Right Passive Ear Defenders (Helmet Fitting) (Per Ear), MSA HPE Banded Ear Defenders (Headband Fitting), MSA Wireless World CutOff Ear Defenders (Helmet Fitting) (Per Pair), MSA Wireless World FM Radio Ear Defenders (Helmet Fitting) (Per Pair), MSA Wireless World Dual Pro Ear Defenders (Helmet Fitting) (Per Pair), MSA ProLine Ear Defenders (Helmet Fitting) (ListenOnly), MSA ProLine Ear Defenders (Headband Fitting) (CutOff), MSA ProLine Ear Defenders (Helmet Fitting) (CutOff) and MSA ProLine Ear Defenders (Helmet Fitting) (FM).
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  • Eye Protection

    Eye Protection
    Includes Pulsafe Op-tema Wraparound Safety Glasses c/w chord, Pulsafe Op-tema Wraparound Grey Tinted Safety Glasses, Pulsafe Millennia Glasses, Pulsafe Millennia Tinted Glasses, Pulsafe Terminator Glasses, Pulsafe Terminator Tinted Glasses, Uvex Skyguard Spectacles, Uvex SX2 Skybright Glasses, Standard Safety Goggles and Contractor IDV Goggles.
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  • Face & Head Protection

    Face & Head Protection
    Includes Constructor Browguard/Faceshield, Bionic Faceshield, MSA Super V-Guard Helmet, MSA Super V-Guard R Helmet, MSA Super V-Guard Linesman Helmet, MSA Super V-Guard R Linesman, JSP Mk VII Safety Helmet with Sureslide Retractaspec, Bump Cap - Baseball Style, JSP Invincible Mk III Comfort Plus Helmet and JSP MK l Contractor Standard Safety Helmet.
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  • Fall Protection

    Fall Protection
    Includes Fall Arrest Kits, Harnesses, Karabiners & Anchorage Points and Lanyards & Lifelines.
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  • Protection Accessories

    Protection Accessories
    Includes Orange 2.5kg Lifebuoy, Automatic Lifejacket, MSA Apex 30 Ear Defender Belt Pouch, MSA Ventilation Smoke Tube Kit, MSA Smoke Tubes - Pack of 12, MSA Cable Connect Headphones (Helmet Fitting), MSA Cable Connect CutOff Headphones (Helmet Mounting), Fristads 6463 Heavy Duty Leather Belt with Antique Brass Buckle, Fristads SNIKKI 50632 Hammer Holder and Fristads 6483 Heavy Duty Leather Belt with Antique Brass Embossed Buckle.
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  • Protective Clothing

    Protective Clothing
    Includes Gloves, Hi-Visibility Clothing, Jackets & Fleeces, Overalls, Shirts & Jumpers, Shoes, Boots & Waders and Trousers & Shorts.
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  • Respiratory Protection

    Respiratory Protection
    Includes Dust Masks and Respirators.
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  • Workwear

    Includes Accessories, Baselayer, Breathable Waterproof, Chelsea Tradesman, Cotton, Fibrepile, Floatation, Gloves, Juniors and Lined Shell.
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