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Robomow RX12U Smart Lawn Mower - Guaranteed 150m2 Lawn Size

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Barcode: 07290109390314

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Manufacturer: Robomow

Warranty: 2 years

Between 2 and 3 years depending upon the model and registration. See here for registration information.

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Robomow RX12U Smart Lawn Mower - Guaranteed 150m2 Lawn Size

Introducing the brand new Robomow RX models! Robomows most affordable robot mower yet!

  • Compact - Robomows smallest robotic mower yet.
  • East-to-use - One-button operation. Less than an hour to set up.
  • Precise - Super strong blade for an impeccable finish.
  • Clever - Smart app, remote diagnostics & effective navigation.


  • Guranteed Lawn Size Capacity: 150 m²
  • Operation: East-start one button
  • Mowing Motors: DC Brush
  • Installation Pack: Included
  • Connect - App Integration: Included
  • Off Lawn Base Capability: Yes
  • Floating Deck: Yes
  • Battery Capacity: 7 Ah
  • Power Consumption: 2.5 kWh/month
  • Mowing Time: 90-120 min
  • Charging Time: 16-20 hours
  • Mowing Width: 18cm
  • Mowing Height: 15-45mm
  • Mowing Power: 100 Watts
  • Noise Level: ECO mode: 64dB, High Load: Measured - 67.9dB, Guaranteed - 69dB
  • Anti Theft: No
  • Sub-Zones / Starting Points: 0
  • Seperated Zones: 2 (only for lawns up to guaranteed lawn size capacity)
  • Wire: 70m
  • No. of Pegs: 100
  • Bluetooth (BLE): No
  • GSM Module: No
  • Robomow App: No
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Base Station: Yes
  • External Base Setup: Yes
  • Slope: 15% (8.5 degree)
  • Battery Type: Lead Acid
  • Part No.: PRD9001YG
  • Robot Dimensions: 53cm x 42cm x 26cm
  • Robot Weight: 7.5kg
  • Package Dimensions: 66cm x 54cm x 30cm
  • Maximum Lawn Size: 250m2


A stronger cutting system compared with competing robomowers, designed for similar sized lawns.


Completes a given lawn faster than competing robomowers, designed for similar sized lawns.


Unique Edge mode and ‘cut-beyond-the-wheel’ design for that extra special Robomow finish.


Easy-to-use with flexible installation options and full control from your smartphone!

3 Year Warranty

3rd year warranty upon registration within 90 days from first operation, covering labour and parts only.

GSM Module

Prevents faults and minimizes downtime by collecting technical data from your Robomow. Gives you operational and security alerts directly to your smartphone!

Power Wheels

70% wider wheel for better maneuverability.

Pin Code

Keeps both your mower and prying little fingers safe and sound. Personalized PIN code ensures that others can’t operate your Robomow without your consent or knowledge.

Long Lasting Battery

Sensational mowing speed for longer time thanks to Robomow’s long-lasting Lithium-Ferrum high-performance batteries.

Integrated Rain Sensor

Programmed to protect itself from rain, Robomow returns independently to its Base Station in rainy weather and departs again only when conditions are better. Rain sensor sensitivity can be adjusted.

Multiple Zones

Drives independently to different zones in your garden (connected by a pathway or a strip of grass) and returns after completing each zone.

Solid Blade

Never lose a blade again! Robomow’s blades are extra solid, super secure, ensuring maximum performance and mowing safety. Replacement is required only once a year.


Handles extraordinarily high grass, with ease. TurboMow automatically switches off when desired grass height is reached.

Modular Design

Never miss a mow! Designed for quick and intuitive parts replacement – most parts can be easily changed by the user to minimize downtime in peak season.

Mobile Application

Operate and communicate with your Robomow through your mobile phone or tablet. (RX20 only) (Android only)

Safety Features

Robomow blade stops rotating immediately if it is lifted from the ground or tilted to a vertical position. When the bumper senses an obstacle, blades stop and Robomow changes its driving direction. To prevent children from operating Robomow, activate the Child Lock.

Child Lock

This is a safety feature to help prevent children or others not familiar with the safe operation of Robomow from operating it freely.


Robomow can mow areas inside the working area with slopes of up to 36%

Height Adjustment

Robomow's cutting height can be adjusted to your lawn's needs.

Low Noise

Although Robomow is very powerful, it is also very quiet and allows to enjoy your lawn even while Robomow is mowing.

Eco Mode

Use ECO (Economic) option to operate Robomow with the minimum energy needed for cutting the grass and maintaining the lawn.

Brand: Robomow

Identifier: PRD9001YG

How Do You Protect The Robomow From Theft?

Published on Thu 11th May 2017 by D Courtney

Robomow is equipped with an anti-theft feature, which sounds an alarm in the event of unintended use or removal of the mower from its designated area. The anti-theft function prevents anyone from using or driving Robomow unless a valid PIN code is entered or the mower is unlocked via a registered mobile device.

For RX models

The theft-protection function can be activated only via the mobile app.

To enable theft protection, navigate to the main menu at the top left corner of the main screen.

Once there, go “Lawn & Mower Settings” and select the “Mower” tab.

Set the “Anti-Theft Alarm” switch to the ON position. The “Lock” indication on the mower will start blinking periodically.

  • When theft protection is enabled, you first need to connect to your Robomow with a registered mobile device and unlock it before you can operate it. No PIN code is required.
  • Your Robomow will automatically relock itself after 30 minutes of inactivity.
  • If the theft alarm is activated, it is required to connect to the mower with the registered mobile device. Once connected, the alarm will be automatically neutralized.

It is impossible to switch Robomow off as long as theft protection is enabled. In order to switch it off, you first need to unlock it with a registered mobile device.

For RC models

1. Remove the robot from the Base Station

2. Press the SETTINGS button for 4 seconds

3. P001 is displayed. Press the right/left arrows to select P011 and press OK.

4. Press the right/left arrows to select On and press OK.

5. Enter a PIN code of 4 digits. Press OK. Reenter the PIN code and press OK again.

For RS models

1. Remove the robot from the Base Station

2. Follow the instructions below:


Published on Thu 11th May 2017 by D Courtney

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Warranty Information

Between 2 and 3 years depending upon the model and registration. See here for registration information.