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Stagings & Trestles

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  • Aluminium Staging

    Aluminium Staging
    Includes 'Titan' 450mm Wide Alloy Stiled Lightweight Staging, 'Titan' 600mm Wide Alloy Stiled Lightweight Staging, 'Titan' Staging Handrail Post (each) and 'Titan' 6 Metre Lightweight Stilted Staging Aluminium / Guardrail Aluminium Tube (each).
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  • Trestles

    Includes 'Titan' Aluminium Trestle, 'Titan' Timber Trestle, Gyproc G-In Trestle - Heavy Duty Plasterboard Trestle, 'Contractor' Adjustable Trestle - CSL1400A and 'Contractor' Adjustable Trestle - CSL1410A.
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Youngman 33040800 Board 3mYoungman 33040800 Board 3m
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£167.40 (inc VAT)
Youngman 33640800 Board 3.6mYoungman 33640800 Board 3.6m
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£199.21 (inc VAT)
'Titan' Staging Handrail Post (each)'Titan' Staging Handrail Post (each)
View£74.63 (ex VAT)
£89.56 (inc VAT)