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Telescopic Ladder 3.8 Metre Telesteps - Code 60238-101

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Barcode: 07394483602381

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Manufacturer: Telesteps

Warranty: Click here for info

Telesteps offer a 1 year warranty on any ladder components if proof of purchase can be provided.

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Telescopic Ladder 3.8 Metre Telesteps - Code 60238-101

  • Most ladders can be carried, but the TELESTEPS® is portable in the true sense of the word
  • You'll be able to avoid problems in lifts, stairways, or any tight spaces
  • You can decide for yourself how long you want the ladder to be, so you will always have the right reach for every job
  • TELESTEPS® Ladder 3.8 metre
  • Anodized aluminium
  • Conforms to Trade EN131
  • Specifications:
  • Number of Steps: 12
  • Working Height: 5.0 metres
  • Length Extended: 3.8 metres
  • Length Closed: 1,100mm
  • Width: 510mm
  • Tread Width: 40mm
  • Weight: 12Kg
  • Maximum Load 150Kg

Brand: Telesteps

Identifier: TEL38M

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European Consumers Award for Telestep's Smart Telescopic Ladder

Published on Fri 31st January 2014 by D Courtney

In the face of stiff competition, Telesteps's smart telescopic ladder has been honoured with the European Consumers Award. The award is based on a large number of private persons' everyday use of the products across Europe.

"It is especially stimulating that we have received this honour from consumers, where the competition is keen. 
The advantage of a ladder that is easy for you to take in lifts, vehicles and cramped spaces is obvious. For this reason, 
it is even more pleasing that consumers also appreciate this and gave us top marks," says Mikael Schentz, CEO at 
Telesteps, and continues:

"Telesteps's products are already reliable partners for the professionals, so now we want to turn our attention to 
quality conscious consumers. We could hardly have received a better initial response from this choosy target group. 
Their judgement is both flattering and commands respect."

"We have a good product that is both smart and safe. Functional in all positions, from folded to fully extended," 
Mikael Schentz says.

The jury gave its judgement in three categories: design, innovation and user-friendliness. The maximum number of 
points in each category is 10 and Telesteps was awarded the fantastically high average of 9.4 points. An average of 
over 9.0 qualifies as entry to a small exclusive band. 

Nevertheless, Telesteps is not content to sit on its laurels; instead, work is already underway on a further develop- 
ment of the award-winning ladder, to be launched next year.

We have done exactly as the competition organisers hoped: "We very much hope that you will continue in your 
pursuit of excellence."

Published on Fri 31st January 2014 by D Courtney

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Warranty Information

Telesteps offer a 1 year warranty on any ladder components if proof of purchase can be provided.