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Torches & Lamps

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  • Lamps

    Includes Rechargeable High Performance 1 Million Candle Power Spotlight, Silverline Inspection Lamp 30 LED 230V, Leadlight 3m Lead & Plug (240 Volt Only), Nightsearcher NSPANTHER MA & BF Signalling Searchlight, Rechargeable LED Work Light Lamp & Torch, Cordless LED Hand Lamp - Task Light, Nightsearcher NSPUMABF/MA Rechargeable Signalling Searchlight, Silverline Fluorescent Work Light 13W 12V, Thorsman 34 LED Lightstik2 (Lightstick), 500 Watt Halogen Lamp with 3m Flex & 16 Amp Plug (110/240 Volt)
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  • Torches

    Includes Festool Work light SYSLITE KAL GB, Nightsearcher NSPUMACB Charging Base Option, Hitachi UB18D 18 Volt Cordless Torch (Body Only), DeWalt DC528N 12/14 Volt Cordless Torch (Body Only), Makita BML184 LXT 18 Volt Fluorescent Area Light & Incandescent Torch (Body Only), Nightsearcher NSUVLED365 Rechargeable UV Flashlight, Black and Decker BDV156 6 Volt Torch, Nightsearcher NSPANTHERLEDLITE Rechargeable Lightweight Searchlight, Nightsearcher SPPANSTORAGE Panther Storage Case, Nightsearcher NS TRACKER Rechargeable LED Flashlight
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