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Vacuum Cleaners & Extractors

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  • Chip Collectors

    Chip Collectors
    Includes Clarke CDE85 3HP Dust Extractor and Chip Collector, Fox F50 821 Mobile Chip Collector - 1hp (240 Volt Only)
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  • Commercial Cleaners

    Commercial Cleaners
    Includes Numatic NTD2003-2 Industrial Filtration Vacuum, Rhino Carpet Dryer F433, Bosch GAS 25 Dust Extractor Commercial Cleaner All Purpose (110/240 Volt), Numatic CTD570 4 in 1 Extraction System for Commercial Cleaning, Clarke CBD3500 Carpet Blower & Dryer
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  • Dust Bags

    Dust Bags
    Gyproc Power Sander Vacuum Dust Bag - Pk 5, Maxvac Dustblocker Front Filter G4, Fox Hepa-filter to suit Fox F50-811-110 M Class, Numatic Hepa-Flo Bags Pack of 10 NVM-4BH, Maxvac DC-LR 250 Ozon Plate for Dustblocker Eco 250, Gyproc Power Sander Vacuum Re-Useable Dust Bag - Pk 1, Numatic Hepa-Flo Bags Pack of 10 NVM-2BH, Spare Bags for FOX F50-801 Vacuum (Per 5 Pack), Bosch GAS25 2605411167 Paper Filter Dust Extractor Bag - Pack of 5, Spare Bag for FOX F50-811 Vacuum Each
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  • Dust Extractors

    Dust Extractors
    Includes Clarke Dust Extractor Accessory Kit, Fox F50 842 Dust Extractor - 2hp (240 Volt Only), EDX DW50 Wet/Dry Mobile Vacuum Extractor 110v / 240v, Fox F50 843 Dust Extractor - 3hp (240 Volt Only), Dewalt D27902 1380W Concrete Dust Extractor with Filter Auto Cleaning 110V, Festool Mobile dust extractor CTL MINI GB 110V, Makita 445X Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner and Dust Extractor (240 Volt Only), Trend T30AF Wet & Dry Vacuum Extractor (230 Volt), Milwaukee AS300ELCP 30L Dust Extractor 110V, Makita 83132BEK Bags to suit Makita 445X Dust Extractor Box Qty 5
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  • Surface Cleaners

    Surface Cleaners
    BE Whirlaway The Original 18 inch Whirl-A-Way Rotary Surface Cleaner (Code 85.403.003), HIGHLINE™ HP_HSC500-ES 500MM (20 inch ) Flat Surface Cleaner, BE Whirlaway 15m 4000psi High Pressure Hose, BE Whirlaway Telescopic Lance Belt Kit, BE Whirlaway 24ft 6.7m Telescopic Lance 4000psi max, V-TUF H1.007 20 inch Double Nozzle Patio Cleaner, BE Whirlaway 12'' Water Broom, HIGHLINE™ HP-HSC550-SS HAMMERHEAD Professional 22 inch Stainless Steel Rotary Flat Surface Cleaner with four castors, HIGHLINE™ HP-HSC460-ES 460MM (18 inch ) Flat Surface Cleaner, BE Whirlaway BE1800WAW The Original 18 inch Whirl-A-Way Flat Surface Cleaner inc castors (Code 85.403.005)
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  • Vacuum Accessories

    Vacuum Accessories
    Includes Birchwood Complete Damp Proofing Kit For Brick & Stone Walls, Filter for the FLEX Alto S 36 Vacuum (Pack of 5), Spare Bags For FOX F50-801 Vacuum, Festool Compact cleaning set D 27/D 36 K-RS-Plus, Flex S36 / S36 M Vacuum Filter
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  • Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaners

    Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaners
    Includes Trend T30A Wet and Dry Portable Vacuum Extractor (240 Volt Only), AEG NT 1200 Vacuum Cleaner (240 Volt Only), Makita BCL140Z 14.4 Volt LXT Vacuum Cleaner (BODY ONLY), Gyproc Power Sander Pro Vacuum (110 Volt Only), Milwaukee M12DE-0 12v Li-ion Cordless Universal Hammer Vac (BODY ONLY), Numatic Henry HVR200A Bagged Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner 110v/240V, Flex VCE 45 L AC 230/CEE Safety vacuum cleaner with automatic filter cleaning system, 45 L, class L, FLEX Alto S 36 Industrial Vacuum (240 Volt Only), Numatic 'Charles' Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner (1200 Watts) 110v & 230v, Karcher NT 48/1 Wet & Dry Vacuum 110v/240v
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