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Window & Door Entry

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  • Biometric Security

    Biometric Security
    Includes Biometric Fingerprint Door Lock, Left Handed and Biometric Fingerprint Door Lock, Right Handed.
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  • Cigarette Bins

    Cigarette Bins
    Includes Sterling CIG2ST Cigarette Bin Stainless Steel, Sterling CIG2BK Cigarette Bin BLACK, Sterling CIG1BK Cigarette Bin BLACK and Cigarette Ashtray & Litter Bin Heavy-Duty.
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  • Gate Entry

    Gate Entry
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  • Matting

    Includes JSP Traffic Mat, Absorbant matting 915mm x 90m long, Ribbed Workshop Matting 900 x 2500mm, Interlocking Comfort Workshop Matting Centre 700 x 800mm, Interlocking Comfort Workshop Matting End 700 x 800mm, Comfort Workshop Matting 700 x 800mm, Anti-Fatigue Workshop Matting 900 x 1500mm, Lustre Internal Entrance Matting (Various Sizes), Polyplush Internal Entrance Matting (Various Sizes), External Entrance Matting (Various Sizes) and Rubber Matting (10m x 915mm or 10m x 1220mm).
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  • Video Door Entry - 1 Entrance

    Video Door Entry - 1 Entrance
    Includes Black & White and Colour.
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  • Wireless Alarms

    Wireless Alarms
    Sterling 400PIR Wireless Alarm with Movement Detector, Sterling 400WKIT Wirelees Alarm Starter Kit, Sterling 400MAG Wireless Alarm Door and Window Detector, Sterling EA300 Wireless Alarm with Magnetic Door Contact with Keypad, Sterling EA500 Wireless Alarm with PIR Motion Senor with Remote, Sterling EA105 Wireless Alarm with Magnetic Door or Window Contact Alarm, Sterling EA400 Wireless Alarm with PIR Motion Sensor with Keypad
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